1. E

    is it possible to determine the winning ratio using statistics?

    I began to get involved in gambling for a long time. Until this time, I played relying only on luck. But recently an interesting thought came to me. Is it possible with the help of mathematics and statistics to raise the number of victories? What do you think about that?
  2. Chemist116

    How to determine the minimum height of a roller coaster given an acceleration?

    I've been going in circles (no pun intended) with this problem for several hours and yet I can't seem to find what am I doing wrong or misunderstanding, hence I hope somebody can help me with this problem. It states as follows: 1500-kg roller coaster (including passengers) passes point A at...
  3. S

    Determine nullclines and sketch them.

    So I am having a problem with this question. Can someone please help me? I have a system of two first-order ODEs: \[ \begin{cases} x^{\prime} = y \\ y^{\prime} = -kx - 2\beta y \end{cases} \] a) Find the eigenvalues of its matrix. For what values...
  4. P

    determine mass of reactant not consumed

    2Mg + O2 --> 2MgO If 6.00g of magnesium and 2.00g of oxygen are available for reaction, identify and determine the mass of the reactant that is not consumed. My attempted answer: n(Mg)= (6.00g) / (24.305g/mol) = 0.247mol n(O2)= (2.00g) / (32g/mol) = 0.0625mol Mg:MgO 2:2 n(MgO)=0.247...
  5. V

    Determine the values of the variables for which each of the following identities

    1.{2x / Cosx- Sinx} = Cosx + Sinx 2.{1 - Sin 2x}/ {Sinx- Cosx} = Sinx - Cosx 3.{Sinx + Sinx} /{1 + Cosx + Cos2x} = Tanx Determine the values of the variables for which each of the following identities are undefined......:unsure::unsure::unsure: Please help i just need get through...
  6. V

    Determine values of variables for each of the following identities

    1. 2x / Cosx- Sinx = Cosx + Sinx 2.1 - Sin 2x / Sinx- Cosx = Sinx - Cosx 3.Sinx + Sinx /1 + Cosx + Cos2x = Tanx
  7. V

    Determine values of valuables where identities are undefined

    1.Cos 2x /Cosx - Sinx = Cos x + Sinx 2.1-Sinx / Sinx - Cosx = Sinx - Cosx
  8. S

    Implicit function to determine the shape of an egg

    Hi all, I was wondering how people determine functions that are representative of oval shapes. I am using the implicit functions: ((9y^2)/16a^2)+((x^2)/((a^2)(1-(y/10a)))=1 and ((x^2)+(y^2))^2=(ax^3)+(a-b)xy^2 This extends beyond my knowledge of calculus. Could someone tell me about...
  9. R

    Determine the interval of x

    Hello, I have a question here that I have no previous knowledge of, I turn to the internet for help because I am currently studying on my own for a test. I have a question here that to be honest I have no idea about. It states: Determine the interval of x for which (i) x(x+2)> 0 (ii)...
  10. J

    Determine the sign of the following integral without integrating it

    Determine the sign of the following integral without integrating it: \[\int_{0}^{\pi}x{\cos(x)}dx\]
  11. Chemist116

    How to determine the nth term in this series?

    I have this series, but it does not seem to follow a constant difference, or at least is not implicit -1,0,5,14,27,... How can I determine the nth term, let's say the 16th term and the sum up to that term? Is there an easy way without resorting to induction? :(
  12. D

    show that the equation x^2+y^2+4x+4=0 is a circle and determine its centre and radius

    How can I Show that the equation x^2+y^2+4x+4=0 is a circle and determine its centre and radius?
  13. M

    Determine R/S configuration of the below molecules.

    Hi, I'm not sure why the answer to the question I attached has an R configuration. I attached the question to this post, hopefully it is clear. The way i worked it out is that the priority from highest to lowest is: Br > CH2OH > CH3 > H That would make it an R configuration. But since the H...
  14. D

    How to determine total angle of contact when a rope wraps around a curve!

    Hello guys, Quick question. I'm trying to figure out a way to determine what the angle of contact would be if I was to suspend a cylinder with a rope in a sort of basket setting... Please see the image attached... Any help would be greatly appreciated Kind Regards, David:D
  15. N

    formula to determine note and octave from harmonic and fundamental?

    Hi there, I'm doing some research into resonance (harmonics) and stuff... I have a mediocre understanding of music, but my math is terrible.. hence the post. I need a formula that gives me the note or interval and (preferably) the octave it is in, from the fundamental frequency of any chosen...
  16. S

    Determine proportion of two lines in a triangle

    Hey there. I'm a second semester maths student. I currently have one lecture which I'm not keeping up with because it's a) terrible, it makes me angry, and b) about the topic I'm least interested in, however do still plan to pass the exam this semester, hence why I need help solving this...
  17. Z

    Determine the triple integral boundaries

    \int_{0}^{2} \int_{0}^{2y} \int_{z-2y}^{0} 3 * sqrt(x + 2y - z) dx dz dy Would anyone show me any systematic ways to figure out the boundaries of the following orders dx dy dz dz dy dx Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. G

    Determine the height of the Mountain....

    I am doing number 2 a is the height of the moutian as easy as just the 500? Thanks
  19. W

    Determine a point on f(x)

    I'm stuck with my homework, Who can help me with it? Given is the function : f(x)= (x-2)^2(x+1) Asked: Solve for x in: 0< f(x) <4 I understand what it says, but I do not know how I should handle this. Who can tell me? I can probably work it out by myself.