1. L

    Solve the Linear ODE of first order first degree

    Hi all, I'm stuck with this problem. Please help me to identify which method to use. Attaching the question. Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. P

    Academic Guidance Is it possible to get a $2400 grant without degree?

    Is it possible to get a $2400 grant for publication of my revolutionary math research book without me having a degree? If yes, where can I ask for the grant? Please give as many grantors as you know. Should I ask as an individual or as a nonprofit? (Yes, I have a 501(c)3 nonprofit...
  3. I

    How to become an accountant after completing a commerce degree ?

    Most of the accounting-related certificates I searched for take too much time to complete and look too complicated to get certified like the CPA certification. Is there anything else I can do to become a good accountant?
  4. K

    higher degree root expression

    what is the result of the expression in the attached? and how can i write these root signs here? i could not i tried to take in 1/3 root parantheses or other roots but didnt work
  5. M

    Finding polynomial of a given degree with given zeros: complext zeros

    I am stuck on this topic in pre-calculas class. I have practiced and read, watched videos and still stuck. Find polynomial f(x) of degree 4 with real coefficients and the follosing zeros -1,2,-3+i Thanks
  6. P

    Solving Congruence Equation of Higher Degree

    Is there any known procedure to solve congruence equations of some higher degree? I have checked some of the questions regarding this in internet but found in most of the cases the question revolves around a specific quadratic example. Suppose the degree is > 2. For an example, we are having...
  7. P

    What happens in between degree of freedom and t(critical)

    If anyone can help me answer this question it would be gratefully appreciated. I have been trying to do practice hypothesis testing questions but I do not understand how to get the t critical. I understand how to extract the information from the question and then how to solve for the degree of...
  8. S

    Order and degree of a differential equation

    I am unable to find the order and degree of the following differential equation: $x^2(dx)^2 + 2xy dx dy + y^2(dy)^2 - z^2(dz)^2 = 0$ My approach: Take the term $z^2(dz)^2$ to right hand side and then divide throughout by $(dz)^2$ we get $$\mathrm{\dfrac{x^2(dx)^2}{(dz)^2} +...
  9. A

    Radian to Degree Minute Seconds

    Convert 3/(pi) to Degree Minutes and Seconds Please step by step with explaination
  10. P

    Degree of differential equation

    Finding degree of differential equation formed by \displaystyle y^2 = 4c(x+\sqrt{c}), where $c$ is an arbitrary constant. Try: from $y^2=4c(x+\sqrt{c})$ $\displaystyle 2yy' = 4c\Rightarrow yy'=2c\Rightarrow c=\frac{yy'}{2}$ So put $c$ into $\displaystyle y^2=2(yy')(x+\sqrt{\frac{yy'}{2}})$...
  11. I

    How to Find the Degree of a Polynomial?

    How would you go about finding the degree of this polynomial? 16x^6y^2+20x^3y^8 And also, how would you be able to tell if it is a binomial or trinomial? I am guessing because it has two terms that it would be binomial..? Thanks!
  12. E

    Degree of matrix

    can someone please help me understand how from (1) and (2) -> p(BA)<=2? TYVM!
  13. giorgi525

    4th degree equation

    I hardly try to solve this equation. $x^2(x-1)^2+x(x^2-1)=2(x+1)^2$ simplifying, we get: $x^4-x^3-x^2-5x-2=0$ If I use synthetic division, I will not get factors of the last equation. I know its factors $(x^2-2x-1)*(x^2+x+2)=0$ But how can I get this step by step?
  14. A

    Why this diff. equation does not have a degree?

    In a book, it was stated that the following equation is of second order but no degree since the equation cannot be rationalized. t\left ( \frac{\mathrm{d^2} y}{\mathrm{d} t^2} \right )+t^{2}\frac{\mathrm{d} y}{\mathrm{d} t}-\left ( cost \right )\sqrt{y}=2t^{2}-3t+4 Why cannot we rearrange the...
  15. D

    Degree measure between two vectors

    When vectors lal=1 lbl=2 la-bl=sqrt7 then the degree measure of the angle between the two vectors is Thanks a lot
  16. S

    Solutions for polynomials of third degree

    Hi I came across a part of the proof of the general solution for polynomials of third degree that I can't figure out. One solution is u+v-a/3 Then the two other solutions (real or complex) are given by multiplying with cos(360/3)+i*sin(360/3) and cos(2*360/3)+i*sin(2*360/3) This turns out to...
  17. B

    Degree to percent calculation

    Hi I need to know what the percentage of what this equation equals>>> (360/pi) if 360 degrees is 100%. 360/pi=114.59155902616464175359630962821034066481094493312864... What is the percentage of this degree? I got>> 31.830988618379067153776752674502872406891929148091289 % Please show...
  18. MGadAllah

    Recommend a math books series from grade 0 till college

    Hi, I am Mohamed from EGYPT at Cairo the capital. Please I've studied Math all my life in Arabic from kinder garden till graduation from faculty of commerce. Now I want to continue my studies for master and Phd degree, and it will be in English and not in Arabic which considered a big issue...
  19. C

    FLT reduced to 2th degree equations

    It's possible to reduce the FLT also for n>=3 to a 2th degree equation. For what already shown (and using a new trick on): 1) A^n = \sum_{x=1}^{A} (x^n-(x-1)^n) 2) B^n = \sum_{x=1}^{B} (x^n-(x-1)^n) 3) C^n = \sum_{x=1}^{C} (x^n-(x-1)^n) So if 4) C^n = A^n+B^n than 5) C^n...
  20. K

    4th degree polynomial

    Does anyone know to factor this polynomial 4x^4-59x^2-123x-76?