1. P

    How to find the Critical Value?

    An experiment to determine the most effective way to teach safety principles applied four different teaching methods. Some employees were given programmed instruction booklets and worked through the course at their own pace. Other employees attended lectures. A third group watched a...
  2. L

    multivariable calculus critical points

    Hello everyone, in this question I tried to the critical points. what should be my next step? I could not come up any conclusion :(
  3. A

    Classification of critical points

    My question is to find critical points of: xy^2 - x^2 +3x—y^4+ze^(-z) and classify them. Please help, I have problems with finding the critical points, because the system of equation becomes big.
  4. P

    Critical subject

    what your critical subjects that you think that is necessary to learn in math?
  5. L

    Critical numbers

    Hi guys I was working on this question but couldn't conclude.Any idea/help is greatly appreciated. I found a weird number as my critical number and could not plug in into my trig function since there is no such trig value that I know :) and tried end point and found zero. so what is my...
  6. SenatorArmstrong

    Critical point

    Hello. I am stuck on a problem where I need to find the critical point. My work is attached to this thread. The function is z = yx^5 + xy^5 + xy. My plan of attack was to find the partial derivatives. Also the 2nd partial derivatives. I then would use a determinant to find a value D. While...
  7. P

    Finding the Critical point

    Consider the following function. g(x, y)  =  e− 8x^2 − 6y^2 + 24 y (a) Find the critical point of g. (b) Using your critical point in (a), find the value of D(a, b) from the Second Partials test that is used to classify the critical point. (c) Use the Second Partials...
  8. D

    Critical Points

    Hello I'm calculating critical points, so it's f'(x)=0 f'(x)= (4/3)x- tanx then (4/3)x-tanx=0 Wolfram alpha states that one of the answers is +-(0.844) I tried rewriting it as: (4/3)xcosx-sinx=0 ; by rewriting tanx as sinx/cosx but I couldn't think of a numerical solution...
  9. M

    critical numbers and local extrema

    I'm learning calculus along with a student I'm tutoring. I have a few questions about critical numbers and local extrema. As I understand it, a "critical number" is a value of the independent variable in which the first derivative either equals zero or is undefined, AND the function is...
  10. S

    Critical Value Help

    Let f(x) = 8√x − 6x for x > 0. Find the open intervals on which f is increasing/(decreasing). Then determine the x-coordinates of all relative maxima/(minima).
  11. I

    Critical points, oh please help on this

    Determine and classify the critical points of the function f(x) = x^4 - 3x^3 - 3sin(2x) + 2.
  12. X

    Critical numbers, concavity and inflection points

    I really need help with this problem. I've been trying for hours, and I don't really understand this topic. If you could show me how to do this, and explain, then I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you! f(x) = (1-x)(x+3)^2 A) What interval is it increasing and decreasing on? B) Find the...
  13. M

    Critical Points

    Find the critical points for the function: f(x)=(x^2 -2|x|)/(x-1) f'(x) = ((2x*-2sgn(x)*(x-1))-(1*x^2-2|x|))/(x-1)^2 If i use the derivative function above without simplifying it i seem to find critical points in x=2 and x=-2. I found these points by simply trying numbers just for fun, i...
  14. M

    Postgraduate - Critical Review

    Hi everyone, I am doing a Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics and I have to write a critical review. To be honest I haven't completely understand the instruction of my teacher. Can someone help me understand it ? And if you have any suggestions of article, essay that can be...
  15. hyperbola

    Critical Points, Partial Derivatives

    I'm partially deriving the equation f(x,y)=x^3+x^2y+y^2-4y+2 and want to find critical points. I'm at somewhat of a dilemma for my solutions of $x$ f_{x}=0, x solutions are: x_1=0 x_2=4 x_3=-1 f_{y}=0 , x solutions are: x_1=4 x_2=-1 I'm unsure as whether or not x=0 is ignored in this...
  16. N

    Sine to find critical angle?

    Good day. If light travels through an dense material lile silicon, to meet air, it may not leave the silicon but reach the critical angle and remain in the silicon, refracted at 90 degrees to the "normal" line which is at 90 degrees to the two mediums the light goes through. Like a pond air...
  17. T

    Finding different types of critical points

    Hi all, Really struggling with this critical point question. The oscillations of a mass on a spring are shown by the system: m.(dx(t)/dt) = p(t) (dp(t)/dt) = -kx(t) - (c/m).p(t) where m is mass, k is spring constant and c is damping constant and are all non negative (with m >0 )...
  18. O

    Finding the roots (or critical numbers)

    Hello, I have taken to derivative of an equation to be e^(-x^2) (1-2 x^2). I am trying to find the critical numbers so I can do test points etc. and figure out where the graph of f is decreasing/increasing etc. I thought I knew how to figure it out but keep getting hung up. I believe the...
  19. H

    critical points of function

    hi all, for function; f(x,y)= ln(x+y) + x^2 - y - 64 I'm trying to find all critical points & determine whether there is a local max, local min, saddle point or none of these at each critical point. thanks
  20. C


    1) The graph of f' (the derivative of f) is shown below. Classify the smallest critical number for f. - I chose local maximum. 2) The graph of f ' (the derivative of f) is shown below. Classify the smallest critical number for f. - I chose neither. Are these correct?