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    College math courses to teach high school AP CALCULUS well?

    A very small private high school offers one period of AP Calculus and a handful of students enroll each year. The position pays around minimum wage, and so the private high school does not require a 4-year bachelor's math degree, teaching license, or even classroom teaching experience. In the...
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    Academic Guidance Research papers in college math courses?

    Do any college math courses for math majors at the undergrad level typically assign written research papers? (in-text citations, works cited page, etc)
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    Which courses to take?

    Which university courses should I take to understand PDEs? Specifically, I need to understand spherical harmonics solutions to the acoustic wave equation, in order to understand Ambisonics. There are pure PDE courses I could take but they have as a prerequisite that you should have taken quite...
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    Academic Guidance How Many Relatively Equal Statistics Courses Do Universities Have?

    Hofstra University has these undergraduate statistics courses: Biology 100: Biostatistics* Business Analytics 1: Introduction to Business Statistics* Business Analytics 122: Intermediate Business Statistics Mathematics 8: Elementary Mathematical Statistics* Mathematics 117: Statistics for...
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    I have done very basic course in electricity and magnetism but... Does a thorough course in electromagnetism and Maxwell's equations help one understand a course in quantum mechanics significantly? How important are these things in the grand scheme of things???? Is it something one SHOULD do...
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    Courses in Trigonometry Question

    Hi. This is the question: A jet flew 140 mi on a course of 196 degrees and then 120 mi on a course of 106 degrees then the jet return to its starting point via the shortest route possible. Find the total distance that the jet traveled. I found the answer for this. It's this one...
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    Academic Guidance About online courses or anything else

    Hi, Im study computer science and now i understand how important is math , and i dont really understand math because i missed the boat :( I would do anything to learn, i would like to know if someone can help me with some advice how can i start learning math from beginning, any suggestion...
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    Summer courses: Vector Calculus and Differential Equations

    Hi again, I am still making my summer schedule. There are two summer sessions of 5 weeks each one. I am planning to take the second summer session and simultaneously take Introduction to Differential Equations and Vector Calculus. Any suggestions? Do you think it's too much work? Here are the...
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    Cyber Forensics Courses

    Hi Everyone, I'm in my final year of Engineering(CSE) and am looking four options to purse higher studies. Cyber Forensics really interests me and would like to know of colleges that offer courses on Information Security/ Cyber Forensics. I'm more inclined to writing a GRE and going abroad...
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    Academic Guidance Which courses to take in preparation for grad schools?

    I'm considering taking these two courses for next year: Stoichastic Processes Regression and Analysis of Variance Are they useful for graduate studies in Pure Math and/or Applied Math? Are they more useful than the following courses: Set Theory Graph Theory Number Theory I'm leaning towards...
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    Best books for theses courses

    Could someone tell me the best books for each of theses courses, I will be taking them starting in the fall and need to prepare ahead of time. 1. Principles of Chemistry I 2. C++ for Scientists & Engineers 3. English Composition & Literature I* 4. Engineering Graphics 5. Calculus I* *...
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    Academic Guidance Testing out of courses

    Does anyone know of any organizations that would enable me to get a degree by taking tests - or to get enough credits to transfer to a University that would give me a degree without having to take any more courses, or that would give me a degree after taking a minimal number of courses - so that...
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    Courses needed for biometric analysis

    Hi. I don’t have a lot of math experience, but I’d like to get some advice about what types of math I would need to learn to find out if there is a statistical relationship between changes in the geographical distribution of gait patterns and other geographical factors. So far, I have broken...