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    Cartesian coordinates

    Did anyone knows how to convert [(r^2)/4]*sin(4*φ) which is in polar coordinates to cartesian coordinates?[/code]
  2. S

    complex number coordinates

    Hi, I have a function: Ex-iEy = cos(Pi*w/L) where L is a real and positive and w is a complex number. I want to take this function from the cartesian form above to a polar form E[x,y]. I'm not really sure how to handle the cosine part. any help greatly appreciated.
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    barycentric coordinates

    Hi, In wikipedia article for barycentric coordinates: ... athematics) It is mentioned at the bottom as: "Note that this formulation breaks down when A and B are equal to 0, which is an indication that the triangle is perpendicular to the x axis...
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    Triple Integration. Coordinates of Centroid.

    Hey guys. I can't seem to figure out this question. Here she is. Find the coordinates (x(bar), y(bar), z(bar)) of the centroid of the region which lies below the surface z^2 = 9xy and above the triangular region in the xy-plane enclosed by the straight lines y=9x, y=0 and x=16
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    polar equation to rectangular coordinates

    identify the curve by transforming the equation into rectangular coordinates: r= 6/(3-sinx) we are supposed to sketch the graph on the coordinate plane. if i can just see it in terms of x and y i will be able to pick up on my mistake. thank you so much for all the help. -tom
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    Two probably easy questions concerning polar coordinates

    How to solve the following double integrals using polar coordinates: \int_{0}^{1} \int_{0}^{\Sqrt{1-x^2}}(x^2+2xy)dydx 2\pi \int_{0}^{\infty}r^7 e^{-2r}dr I typed it like latex code, so \int is the integral with _{..} it's lower bound and ^{...} it's upper bound, \Sqrt is the square...
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    Converting cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates

    Hey everybody, i have a function in relation to x,y and z. how can i convert this function in a polar coordinate system depending on r and two angles? thanks!
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    Cartesian coordinates to oblique coordinates

    Hello, I need some help with oblique coordinates. My english isn't very good, but I will try to explain my problem as good as I can. I have a 3D cartesian coordinate system (alfa=beta=gamma=90 degrees), and I have a point P with coordinates (x,y,z). Now what I want to do is to find...
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    Cartesian coordinates to spherical coordinates

    OK not sure where to put this so I will put it here since I am a programmer what I need is a formula to convert a 3D normal or a cartesian coordinates to a 2D spherical coordinates or latitude and longitude. Can someone help me with this and it would be nice to have a fast reply thanks. Also...