1. S

    Confused About Mutual Exclusivity with More Than Two Events

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forums, but I figured that questions about mutually exclusive events are relevant to probability. My current understanding: Two events are mutually exclusive if both events cannot occur at the same time. In other words, two events are...
  2. J


    This is an independent thread sparked by a different thread. The problem being discussed on the other thread was Find a and b such that if a and b are positive integers and a + b = 20, then a^2b is maximized. A solution was given based on simple calculus. There was a small hole in...
  3. S

    Please help and explain. Confused

    There are two mutually exclusive events A and B with P(A)=0.7 and P(B)=0.6. Find the probability of following: i) A and B both occur ii) Both A and B does not occur iii) Either A or B does not occur:confused::confused::confused:
  4. ProofOfALifetime

    Am I missing something? Confused.

    I'm completely new to groups. I am trying to follow the proof of (1) in the attached picture. I do not understand the part in the first line of the proof of (1) where we have $(a \oplus \tilde{a})a_1$. What I mean is, it seems strange that the $a_1$ is written right next to it. Are we...
  5. Monox D. I-Fly

    [ASK] Confused About Velocity

    Something was thrown with an elevation angle 60^{\circ}. Determine its velocity and direction after: a. \frac{1}{2}\sqrt3 second b. \sqrt3 second I tried solving the (a) question by substituting the angle to the equation y=v_0\sin\alpha t-\frac{1}{2}gt^2 and got 0 (the book uses 10m/s^2 as...
  6. S

    Divergence theorem - confused over here

    Okay so I found two solved examples (attached). The first one says: F (x, y, z) = (y, −x, z) and P is the bottom part of the surface: z^(x^2+y^2), x^2+y^2<2. Find the flux. The second one says: F(x,y,z) = (z*e^(y^2), x^2+1, z). P is bottom part of the spherical cap: x^2+y^2+(z-5)^2=25...
  7. G

    Confused about when to Pivot in a Tableau Table

    I'm a bit confused about when to pivot in a tableau table using the simplex method. Here is the problem: Pivot about the indicated 2 of the following initial simplex tableau x1 x2 x3 s1 s2 s3 z 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 150 1 2 8...
  8. B

    confused on derivative rules

    so I have ln(cos(w-1)) dont I use chain rule can somebody do a step by step?
  9. W

    Really confused about this trigonometry question.

    Ok so the question says... In the triangle ABC, the sides AB and AC are equal in length. The side BC is 20 cm and angle BAC is 36 degrees. Find the area of the triangle. I've tried this question numerous times and getting the wrong answer. My method has been to split the triangle into half...
  10. S

    HELP ME!! Super confused @~@

    Given: 2. An ellipse has vertices (10,-4) and (6,-4), and covertices (-2,-9) and (-2,1). Find its standard equation and its foci. I graphed it first, but.. (???)...
  11. M

    Integration, confused

    I am reading a research paper and I could not understand how the author derived the final equation using integration. Equation A: $Y_L=\frac{1}{1-\beta}\left [\displaystyle\int_0^{N_L}x_L(j)^{1-\beta}\,dj\right ]L^{\beta }$ Equation B: $x_L=\left [\frac{p_L}{\chi_L(j)}\right...
  12. chocolatepi

    Confused with quadratic

    I am a college student reviewing an algebra problem. It appears that there might be a mistake in the problem, but normally I am just missing a step. This isn't homework, just review. What I am having problems with is one step in a quadratic eq. that has me dividing 6r^2-48r-54=0 by 6, and it...
  13. W

    Confused with answer to this standard form question...

    So I have an equation which I can use a calculator for, with the answer being required to be in standard form. 5.78 x 10 (to the power of -12) divided by 3.42 x 10 (to the power of -8) The answer i get is 1.69005848 x10 to the power of -19. So naturally I would write this in my answer...
  14. R

    solve this equation - confused

    9x + 3 = 7x + 10 This seems so simple, but I forgot how to do it. Please help!
  15. C

    Confused by probability change

    If a dice is rolled three times, and six is the desired number, after two fails, what are the chances that at the third roll a six would appear? Is it 1/6 or bigger since the first two times it wasn't a six?
  16. N

    I have to solve 3 equations with 3 variables and I'm extremely confused

    the three equations are: 4x + 3y -z = 4 2x - 9y - 7z = 8 (0x) + 2y + 6z = 0 I have gotten to the point of understanding that I need to combine two of the equations and to also eliminate one variable. One of the biggest issues is I don't understand "(0x)," I've never seen that before. I...
  17. M


    [2,5[ and [3,5,7] A U B =? what's this [2,5[ ?:eek::confused:
  18. C

    A little confused about converting from base 10- to base 2(new to binary)?

    The question is stated in multiple parts, but for example: "Perform the following base conversions using subtraction or division-remainder" 588 (base 10) to ____ base (3) using this as an example, i got 210210(base 3), however, my professor wants me to " in addition, perform base 2...
  19. D

    Confused about dividing and multiplying scientific notations.

    (3.3×10​^−2​​)×(4.0×10​^−2​​)= ? 1.32^-3 why it's negative three? please explain :(
  20. szz

    Confused on the solution of an ILT

    Hi all ! I am trying to compute the Inverse Laplace Transform of the transfer function: {(5\cdot 10^6 + 1.1s) \over (1.034\cdot10^{-4})s^3 + 470.4s^2 + 3\cdot10^{6}s} and the poles are: \begin{aligned} & s = 0\\ & s_1 = -4542936.50 = -\alpha\\ & s_2 = -6382.98 = -\beta \end{aligned} I wrote...