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    [ASK] Two Cones

    Azis wants to make two cones using cartons. The surface area of the first cone is twice the second. The side length of the first cone is also twice the second. Determine the ratio of those cones' radius! s1 = 2s2 L1 = 2L2 πr1(r1 + s1) = 2πr2(r2 + s2) r1(r1 + 2s2) = 2r2(r2 + s2) I was...
  2. E

    Is There A Proof Of This About The Volume Of Cones and Spheres?

    Take a cone with equal radius and height, so the (r^2)h can be written as r^3. Based on the 4/3 and 1/3 coefficients in the volume formulas, a sphere with that radius will have four times the volume of the cone. Is there a proof that if you took four identical cones with equal radius and...
  3. P

    Loudspeakers Geometrical Shapes.

    Can Loudspeakers of different Geometrical shapes create different sound generation impact to audiences? Examples - Cones,Circles,Rectangles,Parabolic etc shapes. Can we use Speakers cones in Home music systems? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  4. T

    reposted: sewing conundrum concerning cones

    Accidentally posted this in high school geometry first. Yeah, I think this is way out of their league. So after some research (i.e., googling "what is topology") I figured it's better suited for ths forum instead. To clarify a bit, I'm not looking for an explanation of how to do it. I...
  5. T

    sewing conundrum concerning cones

    made some pics to explain a bit better... so, I'm making a costume, and I need to make a dress that's shaped like a cone. I have the materials to make a rigid hoop to sew into the bottom hem to weigh it down and hold a circular shape, but I don't know how to make the cone itself. the...
  6. C

    About Triangles in Cones

    Consider all triangles which are on the plane of the axis of a cone, have the apex of the cone as one of their vertices, and the diameter of the base as their bases. Do they have equal areas, are somehow related, or share any interesting properties? If so, could you show me the proof?
  7. W

    intersection of two cones

    I have no ideea how to solve this (see attachment). Can someone help me?
  8. P

    equation of intersaction of two cones

    Hi, I have tow cones, one rotating around the y-axes and the other around the z-axes. I need the equation of the intersaection, I tried it with eplicit and parametic formla and equalize them, but both end up in a mess. Is there any principle to solve this prolbme? thx stefan
  9. A

    Polynomials and Cones

    Hi all, I'm new both here and to mathematics. I'm working on factoring 3rd and 4th order polynomials and finding it difficult to understand. What I want to avoid is getting into a habit of learning math by memorizing procedures and forumulae, which is exactly how I was originally taught in...