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    A Video claims Euler's Identity finds prime pattern

    I'm going to paraphrase the video, "e to the power of i multiplied by pi = i squared" "i to the power of 3 + 1 = i to the power of 4 = i to the power of 2 multiplied by i to the power of 2" " = -1 X -1 = 1 " "1st predecessor to the Formula of all Primes f(n)=2n+(n-5).i(n+1)+1" "Where n is...
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    A site claims to have found a formula for Ramsey's Theorem

    Hello to everyone, this is my first post. My name is Maxime, I'm not really a math genius but I'm always keen to learn more about specific topics such as prime numbers and graph theory. I'm specifically interested in Ramsey's Theorem, even made a small program which calculates any R(n,n) by...
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    Prove/disprove these two claims

    I'm having trouble understanding this pair of claims: So g is some function whose result is greater or equal to 0... but I don't really get what the rest of the claim means. Could someone please explain them to me? Thanks in advance.
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    Help me prove or disprove these claims

    Heya everyone, I need help proving or disproving these claims: This definition of the floor totally confused me, I don't know how to start this problem as I don't recognize anything such as axioms or formulas from the claim. Please give me some pointers in the right direction, thanks in...