1. A

    Calculate return on investment (excel formula)?

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit stumped on this one. Assuming I have the following cells: A1: original deposit A2: the interest rate (%) A3: the duration in days which the interest rates applied to A4: days invested How can I calculate the total return (including the original deposit)...
  2. T

    Calculate third point of triangle given angle and line length

    I have a triangle with the three points named A, B and C. I know the coordinates of A and B and need to calculate C. I also know the angle a and that |AB|=|AC|. Unfortunately the only formulas for triangles I remember, are about calculating an unknown length or angle, and I need the coordinates...
  3. E

    How do I calculate missing side and angles of this trapezoid?

    Hi there. I've been trying to figure out how to calculate side bc of the trapezoid I've attached to this post. Side ab = 28.693, side ad = 612.651 and side dc = 31.7705. Angle c = 90 degrees and angle b is equal to 90 degrees. How on earth does one go about calculating the length of side...
  4. A

    Need help to calculate proposal

    I have a proposal sheet in excel (attached). can anyone help me to get the total salary for 24 months = 49,000,000 (without any decimals) by adjusting the unit price (monthly salary)? thanks in advance
  5. V

    calculate C position

    I need to calculate x and z of C Here are the informations that I have: -> P (xp, yp, zp) -> C (xc, yc, zc) = (xc, yp + h, zc) -> F (xf, yf, zf) - C is given by the intersection of l and the circumference n - l is the line that passes through F, m and n * n...
  6. Z

    Calculate without calculator 1010 ^ 2-1009 ^ 2

    Hello everyone, Calculate without calculator 1010 ^ 2-1009 ^ 2 Calculate 101010 ^ 2-101009 ^ 2 Let A B C D E .... Z 1010^2-1009^2=ABCD-ABCC =2*AB{CD+CC}=2*10{10+9}=2019 101010^2-101009^2=2*1010{10+9}=202019
  7. M

    Calculate a determinant

    How could i calculate determinant this matrix. if it doesn't have exact dimension
  8. A

    Calculate the TV size, based on distance from TV

    Hi all, Assuming that a 124cm width screen is preferred when sitting 308cm away from the TV, what formula can I use to convert any distance to get the new desired width? Would be greatly appreciated if the formula was in layman/excel terms. Thanks!;)
  9. M

    Calculate the determinant of the matrix

    Let for j = 0,. . ., n aj = a0 + jd, where a0 and d are fixed real numbers. Calculate the determinant of the matrix A of size (n + 1) × (n + 1). Matrix A is below
  10. H

    Calculate the mass deficit in this nuclear reaction

    Calculate the mass deficit in this nuclear reaction 12C+\frac{12}{6}C\rightarrow \frac{24}{12}Mg Information given: rest mass of a carbon-12 nucleus: 1.9921157x10^{-26} rest mass of a magnesium nucleus: 3.9817469x10^{-26} rest mass of a proton: 1.67353x10^{-27} rest mass of a...
  11. G

    How to calculate horizontal and vertical components by trigonometry?

    A 75 N force is acting at an angle of 20 with the horizontal. Determine the horizontal and vertical components of this force.
  12. Chikis

    Calculate the amount money and month

    A business woman saves N 15 000 each month from her monthly income of N 172 000 to be able to buy a plot of land at the cost N 250 000. a) Calculate the number of months it will take the woman to save enough money to buy the plot. b)Calculate the amount of money remaining that the woman could...
  13. S

    Calculate customer value

    Hi all, first time posting something! As part of work, I need to assign value to customer and was wondering if anyone can help to solve this maths problem. If the total customer spend is \$100/month and 25% of it is on fruits, how much does the customer need to spend per month in total to...
  14. Chikis

    Calculate the amount of tax he will pay.

    A man's income is N 180 000 per anum. He is allowed a tax-free income in the following: personal allowance N 72 000, child allowance N 4 500 for each child under 18 years for a maximum of 4 children, dependent relatives allowance to a maximum of N 18 000. Calculate the amount of tax the man will...
  15. B

    I can't calculate a simple infinity integra!!!

    x(t) = \begin{cases} 1 \quad ,0 \leq t \leq 1 \\ 0 \quad ,else \end{cases} The book says to calculate the integral below which must be 1, but I find infinity. \lim_{T \to \infty} \int_{-T}^{T} |x(t)|^2 \cdot dt = 1 My calculation \lim_{T \to \infty} \int_{-T}^{T} |x(t)2|^2 \cdot dt =...
  16. D

    Please Help! How To Calculate Time Using Distance & How To Calculate Dist Using Time

    Hi Guys, my first post so please excuse me if this is in the wrong place! I'm having trouble with a calculation with regards to my UK horse racing timing. In the UK some tracks have sectional times for each horse in a race, other tracks only give the leader of the race, this makes it difficult...
  17. A

    How to calculate interest % per year? (using POWER in EXCEL)

    I'm trying to calculate the interest per year in MS Excel using the POWER() function, but don't quite understand how to calculate it. Sorry the forum is formatting my writing strangely... Lets say I have So, that means the INTEREST (%) per YEAR should be 100% (as the profit is 100% what was...
  18. D

    Hot to calculate the mediana of trapezoid in analytical geometry?

    Hot to calculate the mediana of trapezoid in analytical geometry? I show you image with the coordinates. Greatings from Poland!
  19. R

    Calculate the derivative of a functional.

    How to calculate the $J'\left(y\right)$ of $J\left(y\right) = \int_0^1 g\left( y\left( x \right) \right) \operatorname dx$ ? It will be useful if can provide the derivation procss.
  20. E

    How to questions

    Hello How to calculate price of electricity sell if we have power of hydro dam of 500MVA unit price is Rs 1.5