1. Split39

    I need a book that explains GCF and LCM with lots of examples

    I have read some explanations and steps in some books , but i am looking for a whole book that explains all these a little bit more . Thanks
  2. A

    Which book should I use for mechanics?

    As far as Newtonian Mechanics is concerned, I always had a hard time with it. Then, after some time, I got a book which is quite famous, Newtonian Mechanics by A.P. French . This is book is very nice, I'm understanding each and every thing from it. But the problem comes when I get something like...
  3. O

    Book review for Numbers : Numbers: A Very Short Introduction

    "Numbers: A Very Short Introduction" by Peter Higgins a book where writer describes different types of numbers. Dear forum member if you have read this book please give me a review . It will be very helpful for me...
  4. PokerMan39

    Need a good book to learn accounting

    I am trying to learn accounting Can someone please recommend me a good book ? Thanks
  5. S

    Source Maths book or pdf

    Does anyone know where I could obtain a pdf of The Continuous and the Infinitesimal in mathematics and philosophy by John L Bell ? I have been trying to buy a hardcopy at reasonable cost but here do not seem to be any available.
  6. J

    Book about Summation and Product of Sequences

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any book devoted to summations and product of sequences (pi notation). With theory and good exercises.
  7. B

    A Good Book For A Beginner?

    Hello! I'm an Engineer student (University) and I need to learn Chemistry. We have courses that deal with Chemistry, such as Electrical Materials and Thermodynamics. My knowledge in Chemistry is literally zero, like asking me "What is 2+2?" in maths and I'm answering "I don't know". Can...
  8. P

    Reference / book that shows geometrical proof to formulas?

    Hi MMF, returning to math study, I understand concepts best when seeing things visually, like Pythagorean Theorem proof, completing the square, unit circle etc. What's a good reference site and/or book that gives visual diagrams, even up through Calculus if possible?
  9. P

    Academic Guidance Advice on chapter order in my book

    I have written a free e-book with my research (in general topology). Now the book has (among other) chapters "Funcoids" and "Reloids". You don't know what are funcoids and reloids (unless you read my book), but I suppose my general problem formulation does not depend on such details. These...
  10. R

    A brief description of the book "Mystery of Prime numbers solved"

    A Brief description of the book "Mystery of Prime Numbers solved" 1. Science behind spiritualism it is related with understanding of soul and include a proof of existence of another universe different from our universe. 2. Prime numbers are indivisible part of Numbers system. Theory of...
  11. J

    Best theory book to accompany "Problems in Mathematical Analysis- Demidovich"

    Hello all, I'm certain that many of you know Demidovich's problems books: -Problems in Mathematical Analysis- Demidovich -5000 problemas de análisis matemático. My question is: Is there any theory book to accompany this titles? BR
  12. L

    Math book for an arts genius?

    I have sent this gentleman The Mathematical Century and Mathematics 1001, and he has given me books about primes, math biographies and references as holiday gifts in the past. What different gift would be appropriate for a person whose chief interests are 20th century literature, and has a...
  13. H

    Ultrareal numbers (in Friedrich Waismann's book)

    Can anyone let me know the idea of ultrareal numbers as mentioned in: Friedrich Waismann: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking. The Formation of Concepts in Modern Mathematics. (14. Ultrareal numbers)? My email:
  14. B

    Book or books that covers EVERYTHING.

    Hello! I want a book that start's completely from scratch (how and why numbers were invented, how we started counting, 1 apple + 1 apple = 2 apples, etc. :p) and goes up to all the maths that was invented in chronological order (algebra and geometry, calculus, linear algebra, probabilities...
  15. B

    A Good Book For Classical Mechanics

    Hello! I would like recommendations for a book as I mentioned in the title. I already learned this physics in high school, but I forgot it. Also now that I'm a University student and I know mathematics like calculus, linear algebra, differential equations etc., I would like a book that does not...
  16. G

    Why is my book shows that we cannot find the average of entire class?

    In my book, In Averages chapter there is a line which tells us: There are two sections A and B of a class where the average height of section A is 150 cm and that of section B is 160 cm. On the basis of this information alone, we cannot find the average of entire class (of the two sections)...
  17. V

    God's Book of Proofs

    A diverting article on an interesting book.
  18. M

    Book recommendations

    I need a book about waves That include these titles: Mechanical oscillations Mechanical waves Electromagnetic oscillations Electromagnetic waves I am a student and i am new to waves so I need a book which is well explained but not so much detailed can you suggest me any Book?
  19. arnuld

    Which Math topic and book to study?

    In my school and college, I always hated Math. Now while having midlife crisis, I realized that it was not about Maths but the way it was taught. I found some meaning and and real happiness in Data Science, So I here is what happened: I started taking MOOC like Descriptive and Inferential...
  20. A

    Olympiac Math book

    Good day, Could someone please shed some light on Olympiac math reference book for primary school student ? Thanks