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    Model for maximizing chance of success based on opinion poll

    Hi, I have to make a medical diagnosis for a patient: is he A or B? I can not make inspection of the patient, and my only help is a poll of N medical experts that observed him. Out of N experts, the track records for their past diagnoses are as below: 12% of experts had a success rate of 32%...
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    Calculate the TV size, based on distance from TV

    Hi all, Assuming that a 124cm width screen is preferred when sitting 308cm away from the TV, what formula can I use to convert any distance to get the new desired width? Would be greatly appreciated if the formula was in layman/excel terms. Thanks!;)
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    compare trips based upon price

    I'm writing an algorithm to compare travel trips. A trip is a combination of (1) a flight and (2) an accommodation. For now I'm only looking at the prices. I want to find the "best" trip based upon the price. The problem is that the flight price is a static value which doesn't increase by the...
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    Question: Make Trig Function based on carousel's movement (shown at bottom)

    In this exploration, you have the chance to use what you have learned about trigonometric functions and their graphs by building a function that models a real periodic situation (a merry-go-round). Watch the video “Merry-Go-Round.” (Merry-Go-Round descriptive transcript) Assume the...
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    How to solve percentage problem based on marks?

    In an examination, 80% of the boys passed in English and 85% passed in mathematics, while 75% passed in both. If 45 boys failed in both. The number of boys who sat for the examination was. Number of Boys pass % in English = 80% Number of Boys pass % in Maths = 75% Boys who passed in both...
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    Relationship between monthly and annually based interest rate?

    My question is quite simple like if I know that the interest I have got from a bank this month is x then can I say that the annual interest rate which I will get from the bank is 12 multiplied by x. I am asking this because sometimes you don't just add up the percentage and actually you do...
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    Two-stage decoding based on Euclidean division

    Define the following quantity: $$X=abs^{2\ell}+ce+Fs^{\ell}$$ where $$F=ae+cb$$ Assumptions: $a,b,c,e$ are unknown integers $s,\ell$ are known positive integers $X$ is known My goal is to find $F$. The general idea is simple. Since we know $X$, we first find the...
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    Trying to solve 8 to 3 priority encoder based on Priority Table

    I am trying to solve a 8 to 3 priority encoder based on a given Priority Table. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. Image of my work attached.
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    New position based on spatial offset and rotation

    I'm working on a project which I am hoping will teach me more about maths, but I am struggling to wrap my head around this one. I have got an electromagnetic motion tracker which tracks a sensor in global space. It gives me its position (xyz) and its rotation in Euler angles (yaw, pitch, roll)...
  10. V

    finding a function based on some requirements.

    So this exercise requires me to make a graph based on the information on the right side of the image. Notice that the y worth of x=4 is left out. In order to find this, I think I'll need to find the function first. So I know that f(2)=0 f(5)=0 f(0)=1 and f(4) =positive. I'm currently just...
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    Looking for a formula to work out new values based on changing the Max and Min of...

    Hi, not sure if this is the best place to ask - please let me know if there's a more suitable forum. I've got an irregular range of values ranging from -infinity to -1 (randomizes every time). I want to be able to set a new value for the max and min values, and adjust everything in the range so...
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    Help with vector based issue

    Hello all! Firstly, I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this field, I'm struggling with what I'm sure is a simple issue, but it's beyond me right now. Ok so.. I'm trying to figure out the "weight" of a set of vectors that are added together to form a "final" vector. For example...
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    Volume of a rectangle based truncated pyramid

    What is the equation of a rectangle based truncated pyramid? I have seen three equations on the internet, none of them yield the same result when i put numbers in. see below: V = h/6.(a.b +c.d + (a+c. b+d)) V = h/3.(a.b +c.d + (a.d+ b.c)/2) V = (d.H.(a^2 + ac+c^2))/3c No idea which...
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    Sequence based on exponentiation

    I know that arithmetic sequences are where the next number is x_1 = x_0 + y where y is the common addend and x_n is a number in the sequence. For example x_0 = 0, x_1 = 13, x_2 = 26 ... is an arithmetic sequence. It can be used to show multiplication explicitly and to show that multiplication...
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    Integral calculation based on coordinates / Area under Curve calculation

    Hello all, I am looking for an easy solution to integral calculation based on coordinates. For example, what is the surface under: (0,5), (15,3), (30,2), (45, 5)? Any suggestions on how to also automate the calculation in Excel of SPSS? Thanks, Joske
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    Can You Calculate Angles Based On The Product Of Slopes?

    When two lines intersect, four angles adding up to 360 degrees are formed. If the two lines have slopes that multiply to -1 (perpendicular lines), all four angles are 90 degrees. If the lines are not perpendicular, there will be two pairs of vertical angles, so for example there could be two...
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    Give a score based on 2 variables

    We run a private education center. For a back-end application we want to generate an algorithm which gives a real-time score to every course we organize, based on occupancy and date. We have 2 variables: 1. Days remaining before course (starting from 100 to 0 days > or 100 to 0%) 2. Occupancy...
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    Multi-information based feature selection

    I would be happy to discuss the question with an information theory specialist. I use a multi-information metric (available, for example, in R's infotheo lib) to select a feature sub vector from a huge redundant vector. I use the multi-information (multi) in two ways to build a fitness...
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    Probability Based On A Combination Of Given Probabilities

    On The Price Is Right, nine contestants per show get to Contestants' Row. The original four contestants have six chances to get on stage and the other five have five, four, three, two, and one chance to get on stage. Assuming each contestant has a 1/4 chance of getting on stage for each item...
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    WaveTree - Realtime bigdata tool for bit strings up to 2^63 based on AVL forest

    Immutable Sparse Wave Trees (WaveTree) Realtime bigdata tool for bit strings up to 2^63 based on AVL forest version 0.2.0 is a 84 kB jar file containing its own source code. Opensource GNU LGPL 2+ Realtime bigdata tool at the bit level based on...