1. J

    A trigonometric problem with the Laws of sine and cosine

    Greetings, I'm having an interesting case where the solution of a certain angle cannot obtain the same result using the laws of sine and cosine for a triangle. I cannot understand why the answer doesn't match since from the perspective I'm getting of the problem, both laws can be used. In this...
  2. E

    How do I calculate missing side and angles of this trapezoid?

    Hi there. I've been trying to figure out how to calculate side bc of the trapezoid I've attached to this post. Side ab = 28.693, side ad = 612.651 and side dc = 31.7705. Angle c = 90 degrees and angle b is equal to 90 degrees. How on earth does one go about calculating the length of side...
  3. B

    Why angles have units since they are defined by a ratio of distances?

    Since \theta = \frac{s}{r} the units of s and r shouldn't cancel out? So what are radians? Also, how did mathematicians said that π rads=180 degrees? why not π rads=1000 degrees? thanks :p
  4. D

    3-D projection problem (pesky angles)

    (Note: changed Greek variables to Latin for simplicity typing; "." represents the dot product) I ran a quick static calibration experiment on some accelerometers. Now I'm trying to apply the results correctly. Problem statement: I have a fixed RH Cartesian unit vector coordinate system...
  5. K

    Trigonometric angles

    Convert the following angles to radians as multiples of π. 540° and -111° Solution 540° × π/180° = 3π -111° × π/180° = -37π/60 I don't understand how to present the answer in multiples of π. May somebody help please?
  6. K

    Making a formula that finds the horizontal and vertical distance between two points t

    I am making a Scratch 3.0 game. The shooter sprite is holding a gun slightly off-centre (see images), and I need the bullet to go to the end of the barrel of the gun before travelling forward (as so it would appear the bullet it leaving the gun). The issue is, to do this, I need to find the X...
  7. Chemist116

    How to find the smallest length in a triangle when the angles aren't known?

    I am confused on how to find the answer for this problem. So far what I believe would apply is the triangle inequality but I'm not sure on how to use it. The figure $ABC$ is a triangle so as $BDC$. It is known that the length of $AB = 8$ inches and $\angle BAD = 2\,\angle BCD$ and...
  8. L

    Alternate angles

    In a recent maths test I answered a question, which I consider correct. As you will see on the attachment, the question does not state internal or external alternate angles. It only asks for alternate angles, which I believe covers both. As you will see, I answered A and H to be alternate...
  9. L

    Alternate Angles

    I got my maths test back last week and I was marked down on one of the questions. As you can see on the attachment, I believe that A and H are also alternate angles as the question does not specify whether we should identify interior or exterior. When I questioned my teacher about the answer...
  10. J

    Please help with angles with algebra question thanks so much!

    Points A, F and D lie on a circle center P, points B,C,D and F lie on a circle center Q, the line AB is tangent to both circles and the points, A, F, E and C lie on a straight line, Angle FAB is a (alpha) degrees and Angle ABF is b (beta) degrees i)prove that Angle FDA = a (alpha) degrees...
  11. J

    Solving for angles and sides

    11 and 13 I am having huge trouble with. 11 is: Joanne has to replace the two supporting guy wires for a hydro pole. She measures the distance between the base of the wires to be 10m, and their angle of inclination to be 50° and 35°. Determine the total length of the guy wire that needs to be...
  12. B

    Euler Angles Help!

    Take a look at this: I can't understand why: x = \cos(x) y = \sin(y) If I try to solve this, I end up with this: \cos(θ) = \frac{x}{h} <=> x = h \cdot \cos(θ) <=> x = \cos(θ) \sin(θ) = \frac{y}{h} <=> y = h \cdot sin(θ) <=> y = \sin(θ) Why is he replacing θ with x and y...
  13. S

    Creating simulated bipeds, need help with angles

    I've been working on making simulated bipeds for my video game, and I need help increasing joint rotation stability. For a joint to maintain a constant angle relative to itself and additional surfaces (an ankle joint for example), what's the best way to avoid massive oscillation and feedback...
  14. L

    Prove that two angles are congruent

    I managed to prove the following. \measuredangle MBA=180^{\circ}-\measuredangle ABK=\measuredangle AFK (peripheral angle over AK). This means that peripheral angles over arcs AM and AK are congruent, which means that coresponding central angles are congruent, too: \measuredangle...
  15. I

    Angles Not Between 0 and 360

    Hi! For one of the questions for geometry I have to name and give examples of 2 types of angles that are not between 0 and 360 degrees. I cannot find what these angles are called anywhere! Anyone have any suggestions?
  16. V

    Trig double angles

    Sin (x+60) = 2 Sinx Solve for x
  17. S

    Angles of a triangle with algebra question

    So I have tried doing this question using x and y but I keep on coming back to 180=180. How do you solve this? Please help, thanks! (Question is in attachment)
  18. L

    Can you find side length of a triangle given three angles?

    Can you mix dimensionless function or angles to find length in triangles? For example, two sides are composed of a distance of $0.85+0.4=1.25$ and at the same time $0.4=\cos\theta$and the base is $1$? For consecutive numbers or non-consecutive numbers $x<y<z$, I have the following example...
  19. P

    proportion of angles 2018

    load the attachment see the description of the construction slider - \alpha -select the angle slider - point P - ruler with a socket, point Q must be line n
  20. Chemist116

    How to solve this problem involving intersecting lines and angles?

    The following problem might be too elementary for many of you but for me is not very obvious, and therefore I would really appreciate in the proposed answer it can be included a reworked diagram showing the why's and how's. I know drawing can be tedious specially in geometry. In this figure...