1. G

    When to add & subtract in this time & distance problem?

    A and B are racing at a 1 km track. A gives B a start of 100m and beats him by 15 sec. A, in his over confidence, now gives B a start of 90 sec, but loses by 500m. In how much time does A finish the race? Sol: 1st case: A does 1000m in t sec B does 900m in t +15 sec 2nd case...
  2. G

    Why we have to add I ω to final angular momentum; Lf?

    A 1 kg mass of clay, moving with a velocity of 10 m/s, strikes a stationary wheel and sticks to it. The solid wheel has a mass of 20 kg and a radius of 1m. Assuming that the wheel is set into pure rolling motion, the angular velocity of the wheel immediately after the impact is approximately...
  3. G

    When should I add ratios in denominator?

    Sometimes we add ratios in denominator like: a: b = 4: 1 a + b = 14 To know how much A is more than B then we add ratios in the denominator: 14 × 3/5 = 42/5 = 8.4% Sometimes we won't add ratios in denominator: X : Z = 13 : 9 X is 182. Then Z = 182 × 9/13 = 126 (here we...
  4. R

    How to quickly add any number of vectors

    Hey guys, if you would like to take a look, here is a lesson I made on how to quickly add multiple vectors without having to add them one by one. Check it out and let me know if you have any question. ZKa_-SN6ZBs
  5. I

    Why don't individual percentages add up?

    My problem is simple. I have the following data 2016 2017 Change in % Cars 300 400 [(400-300)/400]*100 =0.333 Bikes 400 500 [(500-400)/400]*100 =0.25 Total 700...
  6. A

    How to add 30% to a price?

    An artist wants x dollars for their artwork and must get that amount. The gallery says it must get 30% of the sale price n, giving the remaining 70% to the artist. What formula will the gallery use to increase the price so that n * 0.7 = x? Please explain in layman terms without math...
  7. C

    factorise (use the highest common factors to add brackets)

    hello everyone I just need help with the process of working the following by factorise (use the highest common factors to add brackets) 5Y^3+15y^2 3a^2b-6ab^2+15ab 2ax-3ay=2bx-3by thank you
  8. G

    can you add 2/a +2/3?

    can you add 2/a +2/3? or am I suppose to multiply everything so they all have the denominator of 6? or something I am not getting? thanks
  9. D

    Why can't I add the period to find the next two solutions?

    Consider tan(2x) = \sqrt3 for 0 \leq x < 2\pi reference angle x = \tan^{-1}(\sqrt{3}) = \frac{\pi}{3} In the given domain 0 \leq x < 2\pi, the positive ratio of tangent is in quadrants I and III. So the two standard position angles in this interval are 2x = \frac{\pi}{3} and \frac{4\pi}{3}...
  10. shunya

    Add dad

    One container holds the letters D A D and a second container holds the letters A D D. One letter is chosen randomly from the first container and added to the second container. Then a letter will be chosen from the second container. a) What is the probability that the second letter chosen is D...
  11. M

    Add a third wheel to hypotrochoid/spirograph

    Hi all. I need a little help to add a third wheel to this formula: ( I have tried different things, but nothing of that works. Can any help to make this formula flexible to add one or (if possible) x wheels? Greetz, mathless
  12. B

    How to add 2 IRRs

    I have built an excel spreadsheet to do this, with each bond in its own column and the cash flows on the various dates (rows). A new column is added for the proposed bond with its cash flows. They are then added up and a new IRR is calc'd for the whole portfolio with the proposed loan. By then...
  13. D

    v^2*t+v^2*u (Do I add v^2 together?)

    Hello guys I'm getting to grips with algebra still and was wondering do I add v^2 together. I have not had a question yet which had both the same variables with powers so bit unsure. Here is my questions which I'm on at the moment which I'm finding tricky (I need to find v): here is some of...
  14. A

    How to add more than one byte together?

    I have a formula that can combine two bytes: B1 * 256 + B2 I'm unsure however how to continue this with 3 or more bytes?:eek: Thanks for your help
  15. D

    Home Learning Math

    Check new website with math exercises for 6-9 years old children. Using website is free of charge.
  16. A

    Can you add two different variables with the same exponents?

    I've got x^3 + h^3, would that equal to 2x^3 h^3 or would it just remain the same? I feel a bit dumb for asking this but I'm a bit confused by this since x and h both share 3 as an exponent.
  17. M

    If you roll 10-sided dice, what is the prob that two dice add up to either 19 or 3?

    If you roll 10-sided dice, what is the prob that two dice add up to either 19 or 3? I got 4/100 3: (1,2) and (2,1) = 2/100 19: (9,10) and (10,9)= 2/100 2/100 + 2/100 =4/100 Please suggest if my answer is correct or not
  18. G


    Add -3 vector-125-degrees + 7.vector 115-degrees. Is it -1.24 R + 8.80 U?
  19. G


    If I add (+(4 x+12))/(x-2)-(2 x+8)/(-x+2) I get -2 but I am told that is not right. Would someone mind walking me through the steps for this problem.
  20. J

    Academic Guidance Learning Finite Math without learning Add Math before?

    During high school, I didn't take Add Math but only Modern Math. I am now in college, one of the subjects in my foundation course happens to be Finite Mathematics and while going through the notes given, I have found out that it involves a little bit of Add Math and I am now feeling uneasy. So...