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Question Solving for angles and sides


11 and 13 I am having huge trouble with. 11 is: Joanne has to replace the two supporting guy wires for a hydro pole. She measures the distance between the base of the wires to be 10m, and their angle of inclination to be 50° and 35°. Determine the total length of the guy wire that needs to be replaced. Determine the height of the pole.

Question 13 is: From his nest, Mr. Robin flies east for 80m then south for 60m and then straight up into the sky for 30m. At this point how far is Mr. Robin from his nest? And at what angle of elevation viewed from their nest does Mrs. Robin see Mr. Robin?

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11: you have a triangle with one side = 10 and the angles = 15,35,130

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If the pole height is h, h cot(35$^\circ$) - h cot(50$^\circ$) = 10 m,
so h = (10 m)/(cot(35$^\circ$) - cot(50$^\circ$)) = 16.97653438 m approximately.

Total length of guy wire = h(csc(35$^\circ$) + csc(50$^\circ$)) = 51.7589762 m approximately.

You should round your answers appropriately.
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