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There is a difference between understanding a concept and understanding the details of applying a concept. From the article, I think I got the concept but not the details of how they are applying the concept. To use a metaphore, I understand the basic concept of an internal combustion engine, how it has fuel pumped into cylinders, and the four stroke cycle, etc, but if I were to look at a car, I wouldn't be able to describe all the parts or what they do just because the car has a combustion engine inside. Even understanding a combustion engine enough to build one doesn't impart knowledge of a transmission or differentials or the car frame.

The article makes me feel like I can see the engine clearly enough, but yet feels like it is a small piece from a book detailing a whole car, and thus I feel like it refers to things beyond my knowledge despite clearly communicating one particular concept.

As for the origin of a coordinate system, here is another way to think of it. I have two maps. Each map has it's own origin point and coordinates (perhaps one map has the longitude of 0 at Greenwich, England, but the other has longitude at New York, USA), and I have a point on one map (I have San Francisco on the New York centered Map) that I want to plot on the other map (I want to put San Francisco on the Greenwich centered map). Thus I need to translate that point's coordinates on one map to the coordinates on the other map.

If I had been using cartesian coordinates, it would have been simple enough to shift the point's coordinates by the offset between each map's origin.
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