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March 13th, 2014, 01:32 PM   #1
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Challenge to the theory of Scalar Fields and Heat Death

Golf and skateboarding are played on a scalar field of varying heights. Newtonian physics is played on scalar higgs fields, because all scalar fields are newtonian.
In mathematics and physics, a scalar field associates a scalar value to every point in a space. The scalar may either be a mathematical number, or a physical quantity. Scalar fields are required to be coordinate-independent, meaning that any two observers using the same units will agree on the value of the scalar field at the same point in space (or spacetime). Examples used in physics include the temperature distribution throughout space, the pressure distribution in a fluid, and spin-zero quantum fields, such as the Higgs field. These fields are the subject of scalar field theory.
My challenge to the theory of scalar fields is they violate Conservation Of Surface Area.

If a scalar field in a flat 2d space, for example, has 2 particles shaped like bell curves, little hills that may move around in the 2d surface, then including those curves there is more surface area than in the 2d space it is said to occupy. The surface of a golf course or skatepark cant be bent in any way to fit in the surface area of the ground its above because hills have more surface area than is below them.

Heat Death is flat. We are not flat. We have more surface area than heat death however you define the dimensions. Not flat is always more surface area than flat, in any shared measure of dimensions.

Its not even possible in my mind, even in principle or thought experiment, to have an exact scalar field because anything which exists in it takes its extra surface area from somewhere, so surface area must be lost somewhere, so whatever space the scalar field is supposedly in is not equal to itself, so disproof by contradiction that any such space exists. Or to say it more intuitively, if you start in an empty flat space and pull 2 opposite anythings apart somewhere, you have bent the space so its no longer flat anywhere and it doesnt make sense to measure newtonian distance between any of your new particles.
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March 19th, 2014, 04:45 AM   #2
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Re: Challenge to the theory of Scalar Fields and Heat Death

The problem is that you aren't clear on what is meant by "scalar field in two dimensions". Such a thing has to reside in at least three dimensions. That is, the two dimensions define a position in the space and the "scalar" gives a third dimension.
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