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Time can locally reverse use gravity on approx time crystal

Time can locally reverse without damage use gravity on approximate time crystal

A space-time crystal or four dimensional crystal is a theoretical structure periodic in time and space. It extends the idea of a crystal to four dimensions.[1][2] The idea was proposed by Frank Wilczek in 2012. His speculation was that a construct would have a group of particles that move and periodically return to their original state, perhaps moving in a circle, and form a time crystal.

A time crystal is not perpetual motion because it does not change state from its perspective. It is a very small and safe black hole because nobody can see it. If they could see it, they would be changing it. Black holes usually have alot of mass because they form randomly, but a time crystal is a precision structure for holding the same shape, similar to how we can build bridges with less materials with better tech.

An atom whose parts are not changing much, electrons not jumping between energy levels, protons and neutrons not decaying as radiation, is an approximate time crystal. Every volume of space whose contents in most cases do not have enough energy to escape that volume, is an approximate time crystal. When Humans flew to the moon, that was the approximateness of our planet as a time crystal shown most directly. A galaxy is an approximate time crystal which is why space grows between them. There is no space or time, only combinations of possible quantum states and gradual paths between them as "quantum foam" that looks like spacetime but not exactly. Approximate time crystals are the normal way most things work. It is dangerous for things not to be time crystals, like when nukes explode they are cracking the near crystals. It is dangerous not to be made of lots of approximate time crystals.

The way magnetism rotates around electricity proportional to 1/distance a circular space around it, and the same way gravity in 3d is proportional to 1/distance^2 a surface area around it, and the same for any number of dimensions its always the surface area as string theory describes, we can use gravity through combinations of electric fields to create and use grids of approximate time crystals so we can push forward, backward, and other directions through time.

The "timeline", an oversimplified view of the space of possibilities, is not damaged because we and all events around us together become an approximate time crystal. By approximate, I mean gradually as you get farther away we become less and less like a time crystal, so time flows normally.

Time travel is a safe and low energy process.

But I've got nowhere better to be than right now, things to build to network minds together through the Internet.
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