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Water Manifold Puzzle

So you've got three pipes coming from three different water sources (1,2,3) and three pipes leading to three different water demands (a,b,c). You need to design a manifold (a bunch of pipes and valves connecting it all together) such that by opening and closing valves, any single source can supply any demand (or demands) without preventing any other of the sources from supplying any remaining demand (or demands) AT THE SAME TIME. No demand will ever need more than ONE source, but ALL OTHER COMBINATIONS/CONFIGURATIONS MUST BE POSSIBLE.
1 supplies a, 2 supplies b, 3 supplies c.
2 supplies a, 3 supplies b, 1 supplies c.
1 supplies a and b, 2 supplies c.
2 supplies b and c, 3 supplies a.
3 supplies a and c, 2 supplies b.
3 supplies a,b,and c.
etc., etc., etc.
You can use any type and number of pipe connections (three-way "T", four-way, etc.) and as many VALVES as necessary, but the challenge is to design this manifold with the FEWEST NUMBER OF VALVES POSSIBLE.
Because valves are expensive.

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Can a diverter valve be used?
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