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Problem 1
1. Let A=(a_(i,j)) be a n x n matrix with real coefficients (a_(i,j)) in [0,1[ such that for all i, sum(a_(i,j),j=1..n) < 1. Show that |det(A)| <= 1.

Problem 2
2. Let E be an infinite-dimensional complex vector space. Show that you can construct two norms on E which are not equivalent.

Problem 3
3. Let K be a compact subset of a normed vector space E. Show that there is a closed separable subspace H such that K C H.

Problem 4
4. Given 3 real matrices A,B,C in M_n(R), show that: $tr(A(A^T-B^T)+B(B^T-C^T)+C(C^T-A^T)) >= 0.

Problem 5
5. Let E be a normed vector space. Show that it is impossible to find two continuous linear mappings u,v: E -> E such that uv-vu=id_E.

Problem 6
6. In a commutative ring R, show that a matrix is invertible if and only if its determinant is a unit.

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