In this section, I shall archive a few problems I met along the way; I will organize them into categories, and will not indicate their level of difficulty. However, I could solve all of them by myself (with a few exceptions, where I needed some extra help), which indicates that they are not impossible. In general, you only need some advanced high school or basic college education to tackle them, and most of them, though a little challenging, are not excruciatingly difficult. Put in a nutshell, they are a realistic way to train efficiently. I welcome corrections, suggestions, or collections of personal archives (for publication on this website if judged appropriate) at Thank you !

Group Theory (60)
Complex Analysis (38)
Field Theory (26)
Functional Analysis (21)
Integration (27)
Real Analysis (24)
Numerical Series (3)
Polynomials (8)
Topology (6)
Geometry (2)
Differential Calculus (6)
Linear Algebra (6)
Bilinear Algebra (1)
Probability (2)
Ring and Module Theory (3)
Other Topics (16)

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