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May 13th, 2019, 05:28 AM   #1
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From: czech repiblic

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I read in one article, that probability is antithesis for randomness, but I think this is flat out wrong. Probability is only chance that something happens against all other possibilities, like there is 1/6 chance you hit 1 on dice roll. But doesn't say anything if that it hits is predetermined or random. It could be that is was predetermined by angle you throw it and gravitation, or other properties, or some variables could be random. It could be because you can't predict all properties and variables, so you can't say if I throw dice under this angle probability of throwing 1 is 100%. If I could predict what will happen when I throw the dice, probability of throwing one number would be always 100% and rest 0%. Even if there were 100% chance that meteor hits earth, like if earth was in 1d and meteor, it still could be caused randomly. For example, x=1, x=2, or x=3 and there are no other numbers; 1 of these 3 is chosen randomly, but still cause same action than, there is 100% chance than it hits at 5pm and it was determined randomly. It would kinda be predetermined by numbers in this case, but it is because there are no other options and 100% chance it happens. Even in quantum mechanics, things are without cause, only you can't predict where exactly particle shows, it can be random, predetermined. Or even something would happen pure randomly, you could keep statistic and than still say it is 30% chance this will happen, based on induction, but there would be actually no proof of that just guess basically since it happens randomly.

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What article did you read? There is a distinction between a mathematical theory and the application of that theory to model "real world" situations, so try to avoid mixing them up.
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