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shetin May 24th, 2018 12:32 PM

If stats was a person I'd fight them
Guys...I am literally going to cry if I get these answers wrong one more time! I keep answering incorrectly, it's SO frustrating...please help!

Suppose I give you a list of 20 problems to study, from which I will randomly pick 10 questions for your first midterm exam.

For whatever reason, you prepare for the midterm exam by completing and understanding how to solve 12 questions of the 20, so there are 8 questions you do not know how to solve.

Part (a) What is the probability that you completely solve 5 of the 10 questions appearing on the midterm exam? (use four decimals)

Part (b) To pass the midterm, you must correctly solve at least half of the 10 questions. What is the probability of you passing the midterm exam? (use four decimals)

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