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experimental errors

Okay here is my question. The other day in labs me and my lab partner did an experiment with thermocouples, the basic ice is 0V and bolling water and measure the voltage as temp decreased. Now we have be asked to workout the error now he has used standard deviation but to me this cannot be right.

My reason are as follows:
Because we are not measuring the same thing repeatly we cannot take an average. Normal SD is used for repeated work like say measuring a block of wood from 10 different point to get in mean width.

Also there are technically two error that we have to account for. One the volt meter the other the thermometer.

I recent read of a way of doing it in a error analysis book. which was assume either one was negligible and assume the one with error have the same uncertainty I.+/-0.2. Which from the way I read seem completely valid. I cant remember the formula off top off my head I am very new to stats. It was basically linear regression or as the book put it least square value and then you work out the uncertainness on A and B.

Now is there away to combine the uncertainness and make it just one uncertainty like Y(equiv)=x?

any help on the matter would be much appreciated; many thanks in advance.
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