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Joint Probability Distribution question

Hello guys, I wanna ask a few questions regarding Probability and Statistics here. I really have no idea how to solve it. Can someone point to me and give me some ideas how to solve this kind of question? I know this is not a place to do-your-homework but I really need some help here. Just tell me what to use and I'll try to solve it by myself.

2 textbooks are selected at random from a shelf that contains 3 statistics texts, 2 mathematics texts and 3 physics texts. If X is the number of statistics texts and Y is the number of mathematics texts actually chosen.

a) construct a joint probability distribution table for X and Y
b) find the expected number of statistics text actually chosen
c) determine whether X and Y are independent
This one, I really had no idea to solve it. It has 3 different textbooks but only choose 2 which is statistics and mathematics.

Enlighten me through this please
The possibilities can be set up in a table as follows:

Consider in each case how many ways it could happen. For example, X=0 and Y=0 means there are 3 (out of eight) ways the first book could be physics and 2 (out of 7) ways the second book could be physics. Therefore this covers 6 out of 56 ways.
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