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Exclamation Given a velocity vector and a point, find the angle (urgent)

Hello! So I am doing this vectors as velocity question and I need help solving it. Basically, James Bond is driving 70.9km/h [N] and launches himself off a cliff. A helicopter is waiting for him 20m North and 15m West from him (at the same elevation). If a large gust of wind travelling 54km/h [W] hits him as he jumps from the car, what angle does he need to jump out of the car from in order to land in the helicopter?

So what I did so far was, I found the velocity vector that he is travelling if he jumps directly north from the car and that is:

which gives you 89.12km/h [N37.3W]
I do not know how to figure the angle he should jump at to get to the point.

There isn't a vectors category and since in Canada the course is called "calculus and vectors" I just posted it here; sorry if it isn't supposed to be here.

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