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January 12th, 2015, 05:52 PM   #1
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2 quantum circuits as shapes of wire - For experimenting with fluid wings

These are based on faraday cage which blocks some of the electromagnetic things from reaching someone inside.
Faraday cage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have not built them yet, but they are simple enough that I understand in theory what they should do. This is toward experiments in fluid wings, like made of electric plasma like ball lightning or safer forms made of sound or magnetic vibrations which are felt as vibrations in the theoretically flying bunch of wires looped together and then those wires change the form of that energy to something needed in other parts of the flying vehicle, like electric cars store energy while braking and later use it to accelerate, except for all parts of this wing of wires that flies through fluids in general. It would also be good for what Emotiv Epoc and OpenEEG do, which are basic mind reading game controllers except they dont get deep enough or provide write access, only the 1 direction of information flow.

Both circuits are circles as if layed on a sphere surface and where they dont meet nearly squashed together. Both are made by putting an inductor coil around each place 2 circles meet.

First circuit of 2 is called...
Certain Areas Uncertain Fluxes Observe All Fluxes Costing Uncertain Momentum

This circuit is created by coiling "an inductor coil around each place 2 circles meet", in this case in opposite directions of how they meet. I imagine it shaped like the curves in the digit "8" weaving over the wire of one circle then under the wire of the on its touching, through it then under back to the original, and keep weaving 8s between them until theres enough metal mass of the wire for the field to use as a lower energy state to fall toward where force is put on those 2 circles of wire (weaved between here and other places) flowing (whatever flows through them which is uncertain, see below) in equal and opposite amounts. A normal "0" shaped inductor coil around them would hold them equal amounts, which is how the other circuit works described below.

The force toward all the circle coils flowing in equal and opposite directions as all they touch can always be solved by bending the circle, but we have no Uncombable Sphere problems here because that only applies to things moving the same direction, as the other circuit does. This circuit enforces "equal and opposite" on the paths which enforces equal flux between their volumes (flux of what uncertain but potentially usable statistically, farther below).

Certain Areas means the circles bent nearly covering all of sphere surface can be physical wires you know where they are and force can be applied in any direction by holding them while using the circuit.

Uncertain Fluxes means we dont know the magnetic flux, and someone viewing us from any gradual rotation (which is complex number and may involve knots) between electricity and magnetism, they could see us as looking into our physical sphere of wires and them all being synced on amount of electric flux instead of synced on magnetism. In their view of the world (and who knows how far multiverse goes beyond copenhagen practically) compass needles turn when we see electricity and there is unusually high electricity upward from Earth's equator, or many other rotated views could be done. More than views, fluid flow allows the continuous navigation of the space of possibilities.

Observe All Fluxes means whatever kind of thing is flowing through the sphere surface will be "voltage transformed" so every Area has the same flux which we may measure and influence together, but it will resist them changing separately as long as the circuit stays built as described here.

Costing Uncertain Momentum means the machine trades those quantum things for physical momentum in the real world but uncertain what direction, torque, or parts of the machine it will be in. The machine must make the fluxes equal and to do that it has to bend here possibly among other changes. I hope to use artificial intelligence and fluid simulation to predict how to make use of this as described above. I want to lose certainty in things I dont need in trade for more certainty about where this machine will drive us in the air on capacitor stored power, and being an expansion of the circuit those capacitors I hope will be able to apply force on the quantum world seen in the wind and magnetic waves all around.

Second circuit of 2 is called...
Vortex Path Inductor Unavoidable In Uncombable Sphere

This circuit should explain tornados and whirlpools and magnetic spirals in your bathtub reversing to a direction standard for your area.

This circuit is created by coiling "an inductor coil around each place 2 circles meet", in this case in equal directions of how they meet, as explained above where the other circuit is different only by using opposite direction on the paths.

This circuit should be most reactive to wind blowing through its 3d shaped wires or electricity flowing through any paths (not on Areas, the circle wires, but between them) which by the inductors would chaoticly change flows on paths toward external source of electricity (like a capacitor near it or the sky is near lightning or if used to measure part of brainwaves near it). This circuit implements a Stochastic Matrix, where every point has an equal amount of incoming and outgoing (electricity), and statistically should converge toward that as its still inductor based not hard logic.


These 2 circuits can be used with eachother. For example, remove inductors on 2 Areas in one of the circuits, and bend and slide the other one in and stretch it (physical wires of these machines) to come through. Since those Areas on the circuit its sticking through are not held by inductor to conserve flux of anything passing through those parts, we may move freely in uncertainty without forces which may result from it arriving in our capacitors that may be hooked in various places. Now that its in, inductors could be put back where they were removed, all around the 1d borders of the 2d Areas it was stuck through, and then it would again hold all its surface to that, so when the circuit stuck through it is tried to be pushed or pulled or does something else, it may not come out so easily, depending on the wind and magnetism locally.

I also imagine it could be useful to at at center point of any such sphere put wires through all Area from outside straight into that point where they may all flow to/from eachother while uncertain of who flows what where. The other ends of these naturally go in, see below, what happens when a sphere is turned inside out (which is part of our world, so realize all these spheres all the time are out past the borders of Earth in all directions as we are literally inside and outside every sphere in our world. Its just a fact of math about spheres. See the video.) So take the shortcut and build a new circuit shaped as the other as if it were inside out. Now its outside where we are should be thought of like we are inside the sphere which now has wires pointing out through all the Areas, and we want to know where to put those wires. We know which Area maps to which between the 2 spheres since thats why to build it. But what does it mean if stick all those wires in the right holes and join them in its center. What center? The center of outside the other sphere where we are now? It just means, like I explained above, we are uncertain which wires are sending/receiving to which others because they are all connected.

I expect combinations like those, used with further circuits or statistical learning, to lead to better understanding of and influence on wind, electricity, magnetism, enough to overcome gravity on plasma or fluid wings between and around the wires.

These are also based on "Turning a Sphere Inside-out"

and possibly related math in the Poincare millenium problem now proven, which says every 3-sphere can be continuously bent into or from any simply connected 3-manifold. By connecting these 2 quantum circuits I describe here inside, outside, through, and looping back into themself on the outside closing one of the surface loops onto another, we see its impossible to satisfy the constraints of that wire and therefore it should physically get hotter or more chaotic if that was built by knotting wires together in certain ways.
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January 12th, 2015, 07:48 PM   #2
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Abstract: Toward plasma or fluid wings and integrated circuits with the air water ground and rotations of electric vs magnetic (and spiralling around in the wind) dimensions which we mistakenly call multiverse as if its not there in the wind and magnetism to grab like electric cars charge while braking to use next acceleration, so if we ride the full dimension of electromagnetism around its spirals and echos why cant we charge our capacitors when we hit turbulence or charge to use in other parts of the wing of wires and circuits when our lowest energy state is more toward the down of gravity? In so many dimensions, "lowest energy state" has much potential to explore. If electromagnetism is the unified force that moves compass needles in circles near the equator the same way our electronics work, why are we unable to hook compass needles into capacitors, inductors, and resistors like any other electric component to harness the force that creates hurricanes, lightning, and solar eruptions into our batteries while we are out? Why do we rely on nuclear energy which we least understand as its related to gravity instead of a force thought to be well understood? These 2 quantum circuits, made of certain knots of ordinary wire, are in theory the basics of fluids, torque, probability, path vortex (flow with the wind) vs surface flux (oppose the wind to balance sphere) and conversion between them and the world around. These 2 pure wire circuits start with closed loops of nearly covering a sphere based on faraday cage, and each only adds inductors where they meet, one as same direction and other knotting for equal and opposite force to pigeonhole the sphere. Circuit names: (1) Certain Areas Uncertain Fluxes Observe All Fluxes Costing Uncertain Momentum, and (2) Vortex Path Inductor Unavoidable In Uncombable Sphere.
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