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December 21st, 2014, 05:39 PM   #1
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Do magnets\ magnetic fields become weaker when exposed to para magnetic objects?

Do magnets (permanent) become weaker as they are exposed to para-magnetic objects? I was thinking about this after seeing this.

I am buying a magnet and wish to know if a magnet (permanent) loses its magnetic domain structure or alignment when exposed to para magnetic materials.
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December 27th, 2014, 04:14 AM   #2
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Hi Ganesh Ujwal,
Don't worry the magnetic aspects of your magnet will not decline when it interferes with paramagnetic materials. What happens is that in a paramagnetic material, the current loops formed by the electrons in a material align their magnetic moments with the external magnetic field (in this case your own magnet.)
The external magnetic field exerts a torque on each magnetic moment given by
Vector(Tau) = Crossproduct(Vector(Mu),Vector(B))
In which tau is the torque, mu the magnetic moment en B the magnetic field.

Moreover a magnetic field can only interact with moving charges (in this case the electrons in their orbits) and because it is a cross-product in the formula, it can only change the direction of the velocity not it's speed. So there is conservation of energy, no magnet energy required.
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