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Memristor found - Between snowflake and water, a 3 phase magnetic engine

I missed a potentially intelligent life form in List of potentially intelligent species on Earth - some of which being research « Forums Between snowflakes and water is a memristor and maybe everything needed to do statistical computing aka thinking. Actually we know water is alive, but not necessarily by itself. This is the "intelligent slime" which is said to act as memristors and it does contain water as we all do.

I know this because snowflakes balance between 3 of 6 branches being longer than the other 3, and because they repeat rotated shapes around their branches, sometimes alternating, and light passes through water but not ice, and the recursions of the branches touch eachother and form continuous shape as seen in hexagon snowflakes, and snowflakes only form around small objects in the air which are often a carbon ring, and based on all that, if you run an electric or optical wire, especially carbon nanotube or diamond thread, through 2 opposite branches of a snowflake at a temperature and magnetic properties to be researched, then 1 of the 2 groups of 3 branches will shrink and the other lengthen, and this may need to be done in combination with using the snowflake as a 3 phase magnetic engine the same as used in normal electronics, where magnetic energy is stored in the vibrating angles of the branches and slower in melting and freezing lengths of the branches as it memrists. Based on pascals triangle, as in my Visual Integer Factor software, diagonal of 2d grid of bits (ones digits) wrapping around a circle or donut shape, I predict that circular snowflakes with no center can be created by balancing force on branches, at each point 2 below and 2 above, and this circular snowflake could have any number of branches or at least any even number (phase etc to be researched). This circular snowflake can be used to mass produce perfect diamonds or diamond thread. As memristors of less angle invariant shapes, snowflakes can adjust crystals. The diamond thread goes the same place as the carbon ring in snowflake center. The 3 phase magnetic engine, a way to use snowflake, can pump through diamond thread or carbon nanotube or potentially other things.

We need to be careful not to drain random energy into the ground or air, like running a supercollider underground for the purpose of draining dangerous shapes of field into the ground which may affect Earth's magnetic resonance. Removing oil from the ground also damages resonance if not adjusted. We probably need to make some adjustments to Earth's magnetic resonance, and it may take more energy than our species has today, but as snowflakes can tune into magnetic resonance and communicate over distance when formed into computerlike shapes, through the same physics they can mine that energy like a surfer mines waves by choosing the right time to lean forward and back. Using memristors, we can precision tune and mine the energy of a compass needle spinning near the equator and the northern lights and everything between. Theres certainly enough water around to do it, and water to use to build the other water into needed shapes. Dyson rings made of ice could be available if needed, because as a memristor, ice can influence its own temperature to store it in electricity or light. The penrose process may also be available through, as I explained about the 2 above and 2 below, a rotating series of rings touching eachother.

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