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A few cheap safe power sources to obsolete fusion and lead to dyson rings

Harness the difference in electricity between ocean top and many miles below, which MUST be hugely different because of all the solar power diffused into the TOP of the ocean and not yet had time to get below, but it will average over time, so ALTERNATING CURRENT will provide at least enough to charge an electric helicopter crossing the ocean on batteries, and theres ways of sending the power across distance, simplest being a laser

to a satellite which reflects it down to an assassination target i mean receiver of the peaceful power (sorry i get crazy ideas on this planet that i wouldnt do but somebody else may try, and on that subject, who has the lasers up there holding us constantly threatened? I'd just like everyone to know who they are, so they can be looked into if they can be trusted, and so they have reason not to shoot us down like its a game behind their screen)

so maybe lasers arent such a good idea, but now and then a path of more humid air passes, so a lightning strike could be built up to strike at an area farther down the ocean, and so on carrying the power stream. I just cant think of anything thats not dangerous... How about just plain superconducting wire grids across everywhere and mine the variations in electricity, storing it in small batteries (like those huge trash can looking coils of capacitor or are those chemical batteries?)

It keep coming back to this... Either somebody on this planet gets serious about materials tech or one day a loan might come to a group of thousands of people contracted to do some relatively small build compared to this pathetic fighting over what little energy cant even push the moon a few inches. I guarantee that energy is in the ocean as the moon pushes it, solar maybe not from that, maybe just a little piezoelectric squeezed affects it? But we can count on the solar diffusion difference between huge depths in ocean, realtime variable.


Next idea, comes in 2 forms, both of them some kind of fluid poured over a large area of ocean, designed to harden into whatever properties of material, specifically piezoelectric and transferring that to some edge. You just mass produce this liquid to spread thin and get 100 square miles of solar panel, not very efficent per surface, but imagine a big magnifying glass nuclear detonating an ant at one point if it were focusable like a magnifying glass or transfers that much bandwidth, which it wouldnt.

I wish people would stop bragging about nuclear power, we can run our supercollider, because everybody has nucleus. Not everybody is so impressed by being able to touch whats all around us when there are many far easier solutions that may one day become a priority.

How about an electric space elevator with no building, just a really strong field in the vehicle wasting the power they'll just go get back from the ocean later. The ocean, what a battery. Worst ratio per volume, but theres so much of it.

If the moon needs a tiny adjustment or whatever big thing, you know what to look into mass producing.

This idea donated to public domain, and that doesnt mean first to build can stop others from competing. Thats what lasers in space are for.

but I'm not a hardware person, nor do I have time to go out boating any time soon or for the details of exactly what materials perform the simple function. I do have something more world changing ahead in priority, an AI network. Not everyone is ok with permanent residence on a planet so backward it got nuclear power before many can read or eat. I bet they would like to build a grid of continuous lightning strike power, if having enough wires, to buy back some needed stuff for their countries. How hard could the first prototype be? And as for the laser diffusing in the air, not all frequencies diffuse much for size of particles in the air, and unusually high frequencies like melting through a bank vault are possible in theory of the laser was long enough to spread out the stream and vacuumed in the center except for a tiny hole the laser melts through at the end. Wasnt NASA wanting an asteroid blaster? Or how about pushing a ship with the laser (like in those tiny lightbulb with the mirrors on rotating pin, daylight can move metal)?

People on this planet throw away power like its a sport.

Heres one that will outperform every windmill by a factor of 100 per weight, because its not a windmill but a giant wind cup that can be drained and closed, sticking up as high as can be made, with miles inside if can be, taking advantage of all that air above, so much it could slightly shift the center of gravity of the planet by that air's weight. You see, its not about the volume of windmill blades or how big your machine, but about the volume it contains, sucked through many small holes on sides that open and close as needed or just handle both directions take the power either way. A bunch of thin long holes filled with photoelectric material will activate from the light generated by the denser wind inside. Crushed air is slightly brighter, sometimes really bright... lightning. But piezoelectric would probably work better, take less holes longer hairs, and importantly can reach in without expensive tools.

Actually, that last one could make a good battery, just store a bunch of differently pressurized air.

How about a 10 foot tall wall of ordinary materials, braced to cement sidewalk 20 feet on each side, in case of hurricane, and dig a big hole. The deeper you dig, the more air can be stored. Expansion options so profitable it could motivate the cause of earthquakes from huge hole underground, and then some crazies move in and seal it up.

Not many people can say this, but I need a dyson ring, and I know multiple ways to get it, but it can only come after the world is rich enough they wont have a problem with our new tech. I'm ok with some democraticly chosen authority, andOr with minimum key agreement of a large chunk of the people, distributing the power by automated grid of lasers to earths surface. Democracy will do the right thing. But I think people will agree this military shit has to stop before handing them a weapon of interstellar planet destruction. The ocean as a solar collector is a much smaller step, and you know the sun shines into it. Where does it go? The waves caused by moon gravity would interact with solar power, so we actually get some of that too, in the continuous difference in electricity between deep and surface points in the ocean and between multiple surface points would work too. Almost nobody would want to hold power over others if we all had far more, so we dont need to keep burning ancient corpses in land vehicles limited by road bandwidth, when we could be selling buildings across the ocean built here moved and sold there and still making a profit. Because the ocean is really huge, and just a quarter square inch of sunlight can push a mirror that size. Harnessing the whole ocean's variation in electricity, containing what the sun shines in, guarantees power for a buildingless space elevator, just a big platform with 1 minute of battery and a continuous laser to refill it and 50 redundant lasers in case some fail. We could eventually terraform the moon with that kind of power and robots it allows to start building and run continuously. We cant mass produce, science limited to theory and improvements of the mind, because theres 1000 businesses out there that could each use their own fusion reactor but of course they cant be trusted, so lets just use the ocean instead, most efficiently like tesla said bounce it back and forth along the poles so we consume the solar from the oceans and hold it in the earth as a capacitor. Thats enough power for lots of space elevators running at once, and by that I mean laser transfer of power to battery powered platform, either mirror propelled if it can take the heat or with bladeless long tube fans (like those sold in stores except tube shaped) that push air like a rifle. This thing could lift so fast a hurricane would result. The vehicle would burn up from air friction. Sonic booms would result. So superconductors of top quality not such a good idea for now, but tiny robots can definitely bring us mountains of any common material if its out there in the dirt. I just want your dirt and light and a chance to get started. We cant proceed with regulated power limits and assigned work by money type, unless you dream as big as those you manage.
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