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April 16th, 2014, 09:33 AM   #1
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Fractal crystal engineering to create permanent superpositions

In theory, you should be able to roll a carbon nanotube from graphene without applying force toward curling it up, instead applying force toward a fractal rotation along a row of carbon to superposition the graphene and observe, as an analogy the back wall of double slit in a new curled up dimension local to the molecule itself, each row of carbon merging with 1 row ahead, and every row merging with exactly 1 other row, especially the first and last rows would become the same atom summed from 2 different superpositioned atoms, resulting in the usual carbon nanotube except permanently superpositioned relative to its previous view as graphene. If every atom of the same kinds of parts is identical, then a fractal rotation is like any other rotation, but if other atom types are hooked onto the graphene while fractal rotating, it would cost large energy to force that together which would be very hard. On the other hand, if fractal rotating a molecule balances some of its randomly spread parts, like some carbons having more or less neutrons than others in just the right shape, that may be a lower energy state. Double Slit doesn't tend to give you back 2 of the atom you put in because it divides by 2 then you cant expect 2 halfs to sum to more than 1. But with fractal crystal engineering, there is the potential to use integer factoring to take materials apart and put them together in other balancing combinations, as long as angle quantization continues to be balanced. One potential use of this would be carbon nanotubes of very large prime number of rows and fractal rotation by other prime numbers. Another interesting possibility is a screw fractal, a carbon nanotube fractal rotated 1 column off, leaving a screw crystal whose thread tips are always in superposition. Most interesting, at least to me, is the potential to create infrastructures of fractal rotated molecules to custom design shapes of spacetime in a local field with the help of computers.

For all we know, carbon nanotube factories are already doing this to some extent without knowing it.
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April 16th, 2014, 11:11 AM   #2
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Theory how to store and reuse the curl of gravity by quantum annealing

In AI, we normally do simulated annealing, based on the metal shaping strategy annealing originally meant. Quantum annealing has things in common with both.

Every 3d crystal will store an acceleration field its in while it is cooled slowly and turned at a rate proportional to that acceleration. If the crystal was falling toward us, we would have velocity different by that much, but since we are both on the ground in the acceleration field of Earth, one of us must turn a different speed than the other (we will sit still while the crystal turns mostly constant speed while it cools in Earth's gravity).

Speed is relative. Angular momentum is speed of each piece of the thing rotating. When the crystal rotates, it is going a different speed than us, while paradoxically, staying right next to us.

After such an annealed crystal is cooled and attached to the next machine to test it, it will propel you in whatever direction it is pointed or the opposite direction depending on which direction you put force on it to turn. If you turn it fast enough, it should lift you off the ground.

Equal and opposite force would be against the difference in gravity field which it was annealed to closely match, in this case, it would grab onto Earth's gravity field and flow it like we do with electricity in wires. I am uncertain how well it would work in other shapes of space than near where it was annealed, such as near a black hole it may be so out of sync that its atom positions are as good as random, or it may work there too. I can only say for sure about where its annealed it can push on that kind of thing.

Its simply a screw tuned to something we don't normally think can be screwed into or grabbed onto.

Since it turns when accelerated, it must turn when pointed up, a kind of windmill that mines gravity which blows hard all the time keeping us down here. All energy mined this way would be removed from Earth's mass, reducing Earth's gravity by the energy mined by this windmill.

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