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Charge in a magnetic field and a electrostatic problem

Hi everyone. This forum been real helpful for the few questions I asked in the past. I hope to be able to help others on here in the future!

I have two problems that I could us a little direction on. Any kick starts on where to start would be great.
Charge in a magnetic field: A constant line current i flows left to right (+x
direction). At a particular instant, an electron is observed to be traveling parallel
to the wire (+x direction) with speed v and at a distance d away from the wire.
What is the force on the electron (magnitude and direction)? Comment on the
subsequent trajectory of the electron: Is it linear, circular, or something else?

Electrostatics: Two hollow spherical shells of radius R have a center to center
separation of d = 3R. One sphere has charge Q uniformly distributed on its
surface and the other has charge –3Q uniformly distributed on its surface.
Calculate the potential difference between the centers of the two spheres. Hint:
Remember the results for E-field inside and outside uniformly charged spherical
shell, and use superposition for total E.
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