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Limiting Reactants and Percent Yield

Aluminum burns in bromine, producing aluminum bromide:

2Al (s) + 3 Br subcipt 2 (l) ---> 2AlBr subcript 3 (s)

In a certain experiment, 6.0 g aluminum was reacted with an excess of bromine to yield 50.3 g aluminum bromide. Calculate the theoretical and percent yields for this experiment.

Can you please help with the steps for this problem?
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Re: Limiting Reactants and Percent Yield

All problems of this form follow the same general procedure. You're given the mass of one of the reactants present, and you want to convert that to a number of moles. From there you can determine the number of moles of the product that should be present after the reaction and then convert that back to a mass. This is the theoretical yeild. Then the percent yield is simply the given mass of product divided by the theoretical yeild and expressed as a percentage. Did that answer your question?
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