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May 13th, 2015, 06:21 PM   #1
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Math Focus: pi,prime numbers,random function
A simple proof of the prime-counting function

through my prime number theory prime counting function could be very easily could be proved
you can see the prime counting function details on
Prime-counting function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


as we know that $\displaystyle P_n=hn+b$
now during group change n and b will becomes equal(not exactly).so the above equation could becomes
$\displaystyle P_l^h\simeq n_h^&infin(h+1)$
where $\displaystyle P_l^h$ denotes last prime of a group h. now our main aim is to convert this it into logarithmic form this could be done using the great vedic conjecture.
The Great Vedic conjecture says that fibonacci and prime sequence are connected. i had found that
$\displaystyle b_{h}^&infin\simeq F_{h+2}^{2}$
$\displaystyle F_{h+2}^{2}= e^h$
then putting this equations into first equation we get
$\displaystyle ln(P_l^h)\simeq h+ln(h+1)$
now multyplying by n we get a the form of prime
$\displaystyle n*ln(p_l^h)\simeq nh+n*ln(h+1)=P_l^h$
also it is of the form of nh+b , then upto group 2 it will produce an accurate result because ln(2)<1
then the above equation could be writtern as
$\displaystyle n=P_n/over ln(p_n)$
this also proves Gauss and legendre's conjecture

for more information on my theory you can check this on my website.
Solving the Prime Numbers

prime numbers could be very very easily solved.
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May 14th, 2015, 06:10 AM   #2
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It would help if you would tell us what you are trying to prove!

That is, what are you trying to prove about the "prime counting function"?

And what does "solve prime numbers" mean?

You "prove" theorems or statements, not a function, such as the prime counting function, or a set, such as the set of prime numbers. You prove statements about them. What are you trying to prove about the prime numbers?
Thanks from CRGreathouse
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