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Euler's Totient Little Trick

Euler's totient function uses this formula to count the numbers which are relatively prime to $n$:

$$\varphi(n)=n \prod_{p|n} \bigg(1-\frac{1}{p}\bigg)$$



$$\varphi(50)=50\cdot\bigg(1-\frac{1}{2}\bigg)\cdot\bigg(1-\frac{1}{5}\bigg)=(\cancel{2}\cdot \cancel{5} \cdot5) \cdot \frac{1}{\cancel{2}} \cdot \frac{4}{\cancel{5}}=5\cdot1\cdot4=20$$

every prime factor $p_i^1$ with power $1$ will just be $p_i-1$ and prime factors with power greater than $1$, $p^k$ can be written as $p^1 \cdot p^{k-1}$ and result of a totient function for that prime will be $(p-1) \cdot p^{k-1}$.

So in example above we have $50=2^1\cdot5^2$, $\varphi(50)=(2-1)\cdot(5^1-1)\cdot5^{2-1}=1\cdot4\cdot5=20$

another example, number $1350=2^1\cdot3^3\cdot5^2$

Thanks from 2sly4U
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