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June 19th, 2014, 08:36 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by Benit13 View Post
Also note that although the Big Bang suggests that at a particular point in time, 13.4 billion years ago, time and space was created, there is no assumption or information about the initial state. That is, what boundary condition existed at the beginning of the Universe? The laws of physics break down at this point, due to a singularity, and no one knows the answer.
If there was nothing and the Big Bang occurs, then WHAT banged
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June 19th, 2014, 09:21 PM   #22
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Well one could easily imagine an event analogous to quantum fluctuations in the "vacuum".
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June 20th, 2014, 08:23 AM   #23
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All that existed was the creator, God. And he was perfect and sinless;
that's easy enough to understand: there was nobody around to play or
sin with. Well, we can safely assume that God got bored being all over
the place with nothing to do. He must have said to himself something
like "oh my God...this is getting real boooooring...gotta find myself
something to do..."

So God moseyed over to the holy lab, mixed up a few cosmic elements,
said magic words like "abra-cadabra", made a holy "pouff!" with his
lips and "bingo!"...or should I say "bigBANG!"...out came the universe.
This kept him out of mischief for a while...but watching big heavenly
basketballs rotating around themselves gets boring after a while.
"Jumpin Jehosapha...this is getting to be real boring" God must have
said to himself. So he let go a couple of spiritual yawns...and then
returned to the holy lab.

We can safely assume that God sat himself down to do some serious
thinking, something along the line of "gee whizz, it might be fun to
re-produce myself in some new form and move to one of them planets...
ya, why'll give me someone to watch over and care for". So he
pulled out a few of his holy genes, dropped them in a test-tube, then
experimented patiently...until out came a satisfactory product which
he named "Adam".

God then crazy-glued stars to the sky, picked a planet, fixed it up
for human habitation, named it "Earth", then deposited Adam on it...
somewhere close to suburban Jerusalem. After watching Adam do his thing
for a while, God noticed that loneliness was setting in..."oh me, oh my,
I'm so lonely" wailed poor Adam.

"My God" God thought to himself, "I'd better fix him up with a partner".
So he reached down, pulled a rib out of Adam. "Jesus Murphy, that hurts!"
yelled poor Adam. On his way back to the holy lab with Adam's rib, God
was scratching his head..."did he swear?" he wondered, "and who the hell
is Jesus Murphy?"

God experimented with Adam's rib, shook it around in a test-tube, and
"POP!"...maybe I should say "MOM!"...out jumped Adam's partner. However,
something went haywire in the lab: what came out was a weirdly shaped
thing talking at over a hundred miles an hour. Well, God reluctantly
decided to keep it, called it "woman"...short for "Watch Out MAN"...
and named it "Eve".

God then figured out that it would be easier to re-produce himself by
using his two new human creations. Yep, he made up his mind to do this,
muttering to himself "good Lord, I got better things to do than running
back to this stupid lab every time I want to re-produce myself".

So he equipped Eve with a gadget designed to excite Adam, then dropped
her beside wide-eyed Adam. "Wanna fool around, big boy?" said Eve,
wetting her lips. Well, the very first chase took place...which, by the
way, is still going on today, better known as "chasing woman".

Well, Eve eventually tripped...believed to be on purpose...Adam imitated
Tarzan, but then was not sure what to do. God saw this, jumped in, issued
instructions on the act and positions (to which quite a few have been
added since!) and equipped them both with a relief mechanism which he
named "the orgasm".

And that's why you're all here today.
Denis Borris.
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June 20th, 2014, 10:54 AM   #24
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Don't take this the wrong way, but...

...this thread isn't about the big bang. The possibility of infinite time is being looked at by itself. Sure, if the Big Bang theory were 100 percent certain AND WE COULD KNOW WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE IT then it would be relevant with countering infinite time or supporting it, but it's not.

In the end, this discussion is about the possibility of infinite time, not what happened at the big bang.
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