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January 9th, 2017, 11:48 AM   #1
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Math without zero?

Hey guys I need help with something. Basically I was thinking about doing math without the number 0, I figured using only the digits 123456789 I could arrange them to create the pattern you see here:

If you take notice, all numbers corresponding to each other = 9 (1+8=9 )(2+7=9) (3+6=9)(4+5=9) then reverse (5+4=9)(6+3=9)(7+2=9)(8+1=9)
So I thought what if I make a graph using this idea, Here is what I came up with:

If you will notice, all I simply did was write 12345678 and then in then next column I again wrote 12345678 in order to do this again I simply could have started with the 2 and wrote 2345678 going down(vertical). Instead, I wrote them going left to right (horizontal). As you can see the numbers split apart but always combine to 9 which they would have done no matter how I decided to write them. Now you may ask "but what is so special about 9" well as it so happens every equal degree is 9 as well (18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90,180,270,360 etc.) Also, you might be interested to know that our numbers represent angles (90 degree angles) So basically you are writing 1(90) 2(180) 3(360) 4(450) 5(540) 6(630) 7(720) 8(810) 9(900)

radian 9: 0.15708(1+5+7+0+8 = 21(3) radian 90: 1.+5+7+0+8 = 21(3)
radian 18: 0.314159 =23(5) radian 180: 3.14159(5)
radian 27: (0.4+7+1+2+3+9 =26(8) radian 270: 4+.7+1+2+3+9(8)
radian 36: 0.6+2+8+3+1+9 = 29(1) radian 360: 6+.2+8+3+1+9 = 29(1)
radian 45: 0.7+8+5+3+9+8 = 40(4) radian 450 7.85398 = 40(4)
radian 54: 0.9+4+2+4+7+8 = 34(7)
radian 63: 1+.0+9+9+5+6 = 30(3)
radian 72: 1+.2+5+6+6+4 = 24(6)
radian 81: 1.+4+1+3+7+2 = 18(9)
radian 90: 1.+5+7+0+8 = 21(3)
radian 180: 3.14159(5)
radian 270: 4+.7+1+2+3+9(8)
radian 360: 6+.2+8+3+1+9 = 29(1)
radian 450 7.85398 = 40(4)
Here amazingly (at least in my mind) you can see that when you calculate the radians in such a manner every number appears except for 2.
I was also surprised to see the first 6 digits for pi moved one decimal place to the right when I looked at angle 18 and then they aligned with 180
Note: I wanted to stop calculating with 0s when I seen the pattern appearing to be the same, So I did, you can check the rest if I have peaked your interests.

Also this is primarily research based on geometric patterns in nature and my understanding of a "paradox"
Basically my understanding of a paradox is 2 mirrors placed on either side and viewing it from the center. The idea is that everything mimics everything in a parallel manor. More easily put, put your hands together and open them equally, You will see the same thing happening except your hands will mirror one another.

Questions: Where is the number 2 in the calculations for radians? What could 0s and .(decimal points) mean?
Do I need to include Z axis in order to calculate this?

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Originally Posted by Michaelsrk View Post
. . . the pattern you see here:
You posted a non-working link, but probably intended the diagram below.
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