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What books should I buy

Anyway I will buy these 2 books.
This is book in Russian written by Russian dude. I have another old soviet book written by him which is called "Mathematical handbook of elementary mathematics" it has everything I need in elementary mathematics that I ever needed. He has written another book which is called "Mathematical handbook of higher mathematics" which I never seen. Well this red book is written by same dude who combined those 2 books in one so I guess this is going to be one of the best books I will ever have I can't wait to get my hands on it.
I also want to buy this one
It is book written by this dude. (the last one)
It has TONS of formulas and I don't understand most of em but they are still cool so I will buy the book with hope that I will use em on daily bases some time.
I actually have this book from 1980 but it is old and dirty and I want new and shiny.
This is a English version of book above. ... &q&f=false ... 133&sr=8-1

I want to know how everything looks in english cause I often talk to non-russians about math and I have hard time picking right terms to call things.

So these 3 are the ones I want to buy.
What book should I buy that will be like the first book but in English? I want a book that has ALL formulas from elementary primitive arithmetic and up to advanced math. All with clear explanations of course.
Also I want handbooks and books in microbiology, physics, quantum physics, nuclear physics. Handbooks that will give me opportunity to create bio-weapons and hydrogen bombs. I want books that have everything from scratch to the end all the formulas because I don't like to buy a lot of books. I want few books that will have all I need in em packed nice and tight so that if I forget formula I can go and check it out cause I'm tired of googling.
So which books should I buy?
I repeat the request.
-Mathematical handbook that has all formulas from primitive arithmetic up to very advanced math where all formulas are explained.
-Books in microbiology and nuclear/quantum physics that give me opportunity to create bio-weapons and hydrogen bombs.
-Chemistry book about gasses and materials like Trinitrotoluene, RDX, HMX and so on so I can create missile warheads and engines. All properties have to be explained with formulas of course cause I don't like chemistry because it has ability of "giving one results on paper and different results in real life"
-Books about quantum/nuclear physics as well as superadvanced mathematics that will explain everything from scratch to the person who have never dealt with them.

So what do I need?
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