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June 23rd, 2016, 09:25 AM   #1
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Area Calculation

Normally I could calculate square footage of a piece of land however the complexity of this new lot I am looking at has me over a barel. Just wondering if anyone can help me to figure out how to calculate the square footage.
The lot is as follows;
Beginning at the Easterly corner of the lot;
Thence North 27 deg 46 min 19 sec West along a westerly line of said unit 215.52 feet; Thence South 60 Degrees 04 min 31 seconds west 961.15 feet to the center line of the road. Thence South 21 deg 05 min 55 seconds east along said center line 199.14 feet; Thence southeasterly along said center line, being along a curve to the left having a radius of 682.70 feet, a distance of 50.47 feet to the extension westerly of the southerly line of said lot. Thence North 58 degrees 15 min east along said extended line 990.0 feet to the point of beginning.

As you can see if it was not for this radius circle thing it would be really easy to calculate the sq footage of this lot.

P.S. While I do want to know the sq footage of the lot I also want to know how to calculate it myself(always like to learn new stuff).

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I am lazy so I am not going to do this calculation, but I am happy to tell you how to do it, assuming, that is, I even understand it.

You have a figure that is partially defined by straight lines and partly by a portion of a circle.

Break the area up into two portions. One portion will run between the end points of the partial circle along the two radii and along the other straight lines. Let's call that the rectilinear portion. It can be computed the normal way. The other portion is, if I am understanding you, a partial circle, and you are told the radius. Let's call that the circular part. You need to calculate the number of degrees that the partial circle contains in order to calculate the area of the partial circle.

That is a bit hard to understand from the description. Do you think that they are measuring in a straight line from the end of the right hand radius to the end of the left hand radius or are they estimating what the length of the arc would be if it was straightened out? If you had a diagram that you could attach, that would help a lot.

In any case, once you have the number of degrees the area of the circular part =

$\dfrac{number\ of\ degrees}{360} * 3.1415926 * 682.7^2.$

Then you just add the areas of the rectilinear part and the circular part.

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