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Twigboy November 11th, 2018 01:29 AM

Consumption rate
Hi all,

I have a maths problem for you (trigonometry & Pythagoras, I think)!

I have a bag of 1459 potatoes that are used to make plain and ridged crisps (all potatoes are exactly the same size and I get the same number of crisps per potato every time).

Plain crisps use 0.82potatoes per day.

Ridged crisps use 3.2potatoes per day.

I need to make sure I can make Plain crisps for 225 days (9 months) after Ridged crisps. How do I calculate how many potatoes to use for Plain and Ridged crisps at day 1? Can you give me a formula?


skipjack November 11th, 2018 02:03 AM

Obviously, 225 days is nothing like 9 months. Your wording is unclear, but making just Plain crisps for 225 days will use 225 × 0.82 potatoes = 184.5 potatoes. Hence you need to ensure that any use of the other 1274.5 potatoes doesn't consume more than that. For example, you could make just Ridged crisps for up to 1274.5/3.2 days = 398.28125 days.

This has nothing to do with trigonometry. It seems to be just basic arithmetic.

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