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July 18th, 2018, 09:46 PM   #1
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Post Several digit number Vs. Set of numbers terminology

Hey all, I’m not sure that this is the best place to ask this question but it’s the only place i know of and I imagine someone will have an answer. So, I’m trying to create this organizing system for some cards that I have. It’s a trading card game, and each card can have any number of 5 colors assigned to it. The trouble I’m having is in organizing the multicolored cards, or rather concisely stating the system I’ve come up with. What I’ve done is assigned each color a number, 1-5, and for simplicity’s sake I’ll only refer to the colors as they’re respective numbers because mention of the actual colors I imagine will only be unnecessary convolution. So to order the cards, you take all the colors of that card (ex: 4,5,2) and put their numbers in order from lowest to highest (2,4,5) and then convert that to a multi digit number (245) then all The cards are sorted lowest to highest by this assigned number. And this all makes good sense in my head, but I’m trying to make a comprehensive guide to navigate my organization and I’d really like a more concise way to explain this. My main question is: is there a better way to state “convert to a multi digit number”? Like is there a terminology to separate a set of multiple single digit numbers, like one two and three, from one several digit number, like one hundred and twenty three? And this all seems like a lot of crazy unnecessary preamble to ask a simple question like that, but I’m also wondering if there’s another way entirely to explain this system? Because it’s definitely something that can be understood from multiple angles... or perhaps a better system entirely? Thank you to whoever reads this all the way through, and (thank you)^2 for answers.
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As some people can't easily distinguish red from green, why not just use 3-digit numbers from the outset that are printed in ascending value order on each card?
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What you are saying is "100 times first color plus 10 times second color plus third color".
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