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September 20th, 2017, 10:04 PM   #1
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grade school common core - how do I come up to speed?

I've tutored high school kids in traditional math classes such as algebra, precalculus, etc. I just was asked to interview for a long-term job tutoring a 7th grader in common core math.

So before I go for the interview I want to get an idea what I'm dealing with, in particular any "strange new" ways of doing things that might throw me.

First, is common core the same thing as "7th grade integrated math"?

Where can I find a common core curriculum? I notice that Kahn Academy has some stuff about it. It appears that they have a list of skills and topics in 7th grade math, and while they don't have a separate section for teaching common core (the rest of the site is structured in the traditional way) but instead they have links from the big common core list into the traditional sections of the site that cover the same stuff. I THINK that's right, any way.

So would Kahn be a good way to review, or is there a better site?

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I'm not an expert at math; however I am a high school student. I, personally, don't like common core. What I've found out with it, is that the correct answers don't so much matter anymore. What matters is the steps you took to get to that answer. And usually with a math problem, there are several ways to get to the correct answer. With common core, you have to use one way, and if you don't use that one way to get to the answer (even if you're answer is correct), you don't get full points.

For example, you can't just multiply fractions with the bow-tie method anymore. Even if you get the right answer, you have to go about the steps to do it a different, more complicated way. I find this much pointless- if you can get to the answer on your own, it shouldn't matter how you get there, right? I feel like math can make much more sense than it does with Common Core.

Common core isn't really advanced at all. It just makes problems that would otherwise make sense SO. MUCH. MORE. COMPLICATED. The steps that you have to use to get to the answer don't make very much sense to me either.

However, I think Khan Academy would be a good place for you to start. When I'm having trouble with it, Khan Academy is usually right on point for how to go about the problems.

Again, I'm not a teacher or an expert but I hope this gives advice you need!

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