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jon80 January 3rd, 2017 12:38 AM

Should I buy this car?
A car dealer told me that a car is estimated to consume around 30 to 40 EUR per week.

Maybe this is geeky or maybe I am wrong, but I worked as follows and somehow think there is a mathematical miscalculation in the fuel prices, maybe someone needs to verify and write to the fuel stations if I am right, do you agree?

Peugeot HDi engine consumes 9.3 liters per 100 km
The road to work is 6.5 km to 6.9 km each way, i.e. 13.8 km excluding personal trips and inefficiencies such as being stuck in traffic.

Fuel prices
Petrol is 1.44 EURO per litre
Diesel is 1.36 EURO per litre
Enemalta plc | Fuel Price Revisions: May 2014 – December 2014
They have not been revised in a while.

Therefore if I travel to work daily I would consume 6.42 litres × 1.36 EUR = 8.73 EUR, whereas by bus I get charged at 0.25 EUR [omissions and errors add to the cost of travel and punctuality is a problem openly complained about in industrial relations as a matter that is beyond one's control].

Is there a mistake in my calculation? I think the consumption is too low; maybe I have not yet estimated the servicing, which is around 100 EUR to 200 EUR every three months based on estimates of previous car servicing.

JeffM1 January 3rd, 2017 07:40 AM

This is basically not a math problem at all. It all depends on what is being considered in the term "consumed."

Tires wear out. Lubricants must be replaced. Eventually the car itself gives up the ghost. Over the life of the car, the initial cost to purchase the car, the cost of periodic maintenance, and the weekly cost of gasoline all must be considered. Which of those the dealer was talking about is unknown so the statement is virtually meaningless despite its apparent quantification.

Country Boy January 8th, 2017 04:17 AM

I thought you just put the Euro's directly into the gas tank!

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