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smithy225 June 9th, 2016 03:52 AM

Some help with ratios please!
So a brief outline of my problem. I'm trying to calculate the percentage amount of time needed to split between 3 separate job areas.

We have a web return item processing which is 40 units per hour, we have store return item processing which is 100 units per hour and we have a total unit put away which is 85 units an hour.

The unit put away figure is always matched to the total of the web returns items and store returns items. If i have say 1500 units of web returns and 2000 units of store return the put away figure will be 3500 units.

The question is what split of hours do i need to ensure that an even amount of the three departments is always completed i.e. if i have a only 30 hours available an even amount of the web and store is completed and the put away is matched to these.

I think i've managed to work out the % split but have no idea how i've got to this point!

Web - 48.71%
Store - 13.03%
Put Away - 38.25%

If the units per hour were to change the split would change also right?

weirddave June 9th, 2016 11:35 PM

To clarify, if we wanted an even amount done, could that be, say, 100 web returns, 100 store returns and therefore 200 put aways?

Given that the web returns take 2.5 times the time for store returns, I'd expect the ratio for web returns to be 2.5 time that of the store returns, which doesn't match your %

How did you arrive at those figures?

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