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August 29th, 2013, 02:18 AM   #1
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A Case of Simple Addition and Percentages

Sorry to bother you, but am I making this harden than it has to be.

We have a Holiday Home that we rent.
It is 140 per night for a couple then 25 for each extra adult, 15 for extra child, per night.

One online agency charges us 8.8% of our total booking and the other agency 15.9 dollars per Night (regardless).
We have established that 3 Adults and 1 Child is approximately 8.8%, meaning the latter agency wins, when we have 4 Adults.

But the confusion is the Adults being one single term used in separate instances.
Because the Statistics I am using, are the bookings for the Whole Year, to see if we used one agency for the whole year,
who would have benefited us, or taken less of a fee out of our income.

So my Dad has a booking calendar with Number of Adults, Children and Nights.

I have established that 2A = 1A and gone through and counted every 2A as 1A.
Then counted a new value called the Extra Adult at 25$
Then counted every Child.
Then counted the total Nights.

But I realized the total Children didn't stay the Total nights, so counted the 'Nights the Children stayed'...

At the moment that is where i'm leaving it... because ... I've never been good at Maths and i'm losing the thread.

Any input thanks! also I think it''d be a great math problem for school kids, feel free to use it.
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August 29th, 2013, 05:35 AM   #2
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Re: A Case of Simple Addition and Percentages

You've lost me too! Why not just compare 8.8% of your gross takings for the year against $15.9 per night?
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August 31st, 2013, 04:58 AM   #3
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Re: A Case of Simple Addition and Percentages

well I am trying to calculate the years gross earnings.

because if we use agencies we wouldn't be giving discounts, but dad may have discounted couples for 5 night stays,
which is where 15.90$ per night booked gets ahead of 8.8% of the booking total.

I was just going to multiply the nights by the different costs for the number of children (x15$), couples(x140$) and extra adults(x25$)
..but this doesn't work because the total of each didn't stay the total nights.

my dad averaged the number of nights stayed per booking.
but he had counted 2 Children as 1 Adult to 'make it easier'....

I told him there is no point doing it then, because the 'extras' are the difference between 8.8% being worse and 15.90 per night being better.
2C = $30 where as 1Extra A = $25

It all depends on the number of Extra Adults and Children per booking. $15.90 of $140 is ll.357% similarly $31.80 of $280.

After thinking about it I got brain dead and didn't know what I was adding up. hahahah.
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