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A Computer Fractal Economic Distribution

I have an idea for representing the most optimal economic distribution with a computer program, but don't have the programming chops to do it. I will describe it in hopes that it isn't too anemic and someone will want to program it. The good thing is it's politics-neutral, and can be presented as such. Hopefully, that would assist in progress instead of the usual bickering.

Imagine a plane surface with a number of dots on it (which would be computed objects whose "size" can get set). The size represents the "wealth" of the object. Lines between the dots represent economic activity or velocity of money. And velocity of money is the health of any economy.

It is my thesis that there is an optimal distribution of dots that would engender the best economy.

Let us take the extremes - or pathological cases.

In the first there is one superlarge dot, a few large ones, and many tiny dots. This represents aristocracy or oligarchy, which most would agree is economically anemic. And interestingly, this is a rather ugly picture, with a slew of connecting lines going to the small dots.

In the second pathological case, we have a lot of tiny dots. This represents pure communism, which even the Russians now agree didn't work. Again, it's kind of ugly.

But in math, the most beautiful case is often the best. This would be a fractal distribution of dot-sizes - very large, large, medium, small, tiny. And the lines between them would be a nice looking network, rather than a bunch of skeins. You might throw in color to represent the economic activity of a dot.

It is my theory that if you add up the lines between the dots of this most beautiful fractal distribution of different sized economic centers, you get the greatest velocity of money and the healthiest economy.

If this is programmed as a proof, and illustrated visually, it might help even politicians on both sides of the aisle to agree to some positive action, instead of the usual logjam.

Or maybe someone already had this idea, as often happens, and I just need the name of the theory ;')
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