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solving heat PDE using FFCT

the problem is
solve the following heat problem using FFCT:
A metal bar of length L, is at constant temperature of $ U_0 $ , at $t=0$ the end $x=L$ is suddenly given the constant temperature of $U_1$ and the end x=0 is insulated. Assuming that the surface of the bar is insulated, find the temperature at any point x of the bar at any time $t>0$ , assume $k=1$

Equations used:

heat eq.
$$ \frac {\partial^2 u} {\partial x^2} = \frac 1 k \frac {\partial u} {\partial t} $$
with the following additional equations:

my attempt:
my attempt goes like this:
$$ \frac {\partial^2 u} {\partial x^2} = \frac 1 k \frac {\partial u} {\partial t} $$
$$ \mathcal{F}_{fc} \left[ \frac {\partial u} {\partial t} \right] = \mathcal{F}_{fc} \frac {\partial^2 u} {\partial x^2} $$
$$ \frac {dU} {dt} = {-\left( \frac {{n} {\pi}} L \right)}ˆ{2} * F(x,t) + \left( {-1} \right)ˆn \frac {\partial{f(L,t)}} {\partial x} - \frac {\partial{f(0,t)}} {\partial x} $$
$$ \frac {dU} {dt} = - \left( \frac {{n} {\pi}} L \right)ˆ(2) * F(x,t) + \left( {-1} \right)ˆn \frac {\partial{f(L,t)}} {\partial x} $$

and i dont know how to continue...

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