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June 21st, 2017, 02:13 AM   #11
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\$d= hexdec("A8");

for (\$n=0; \$n < 6; \$n++) {
echo dechex(++\$d) . PHP_EOL;

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July 11th, 2017, 11:57 AM   #12
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Originally Posted by pvesel View Post
Thank you for your answer. However this is pure math: and it is connected to the code above. However:
How can you get: A9 B0, B1

Math functions are the core of the php.

If anyone has any idea how to go through this, with any good books, samples will be rewarded. I went through w3 school all the task, read some books, but it is not enough for understand loops.
Hexadecimal is a number system just like our decimal base 10 system. To say it's "pure math" is like saying the decimal system is pure math. It's just a way to represent numbers.

A good book would be a book reference for Hexadecimal and PHP, not a math book.
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October 12th, 2017, 04:53 AM   #13
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Is this question about PHP programming or just about the mathematics?

The mathematics is: "A8" in hexadecimal is the same as 10(16)+ 8= 168 in decimal. Incrementing that, 168+ 1= 169= 10(16)+ 9= "A9" in hexadecimal.

Incrementing again,169+ 1= 170= 10(16)+ 10= "AA" in hexadecimal.

Incrementing again, 170+ 1= 171= 10(16)+ 11= "AB" in hexadecimal.

Incrementing again, 171+ 1= 172= 10(16)+ 12= "AC" in hexadecimal.

Incrementing again, 172+ 1= 173= 10(16)+ 13= "AD" in hexadecimal.

We can keep on incrementing in exactly that way to 175= 10(16)+ 15= "AF" but after that 175+ 1= 176= 11(16)+ 0= "B0" in hexadecimal.

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