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August 1st, 2013, 09:53 AM   #1
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We understand sizes changing because Neural Doppler effect

We understand different sizes in our vision because of Neural Doppler effect

Attention is directional, a flow of information between parts of the mind which forms a closed loop gradually when it finds one, or gradually many paths approximately as a loop or loops or loop-like network, and all neurons in this loop gradually start firing faster or at a different speed than others to increase their signal to noise ratio and decrease it for unrelated neurons. In that way, loop neural gravity is similar to encryption. Only those in the loop know the frequency, but none know where the loop is except their small part of it. Any part of the loop can be an integer multiple of the frequency slower, since the neural spikes would total the same on both ends, so my loop neural gravity theory predicts brainwaves of relative integer frequency.

The loop travels from my thoughts about these words to my thoughts about letters to my thoughts about fingers moving to my thoughts about watching each letter appear on screen andddd typo the loop is broken because I saw an extra "d" which my "watching each letter appear on screen" part of the loop was out of sync with, did not predict, and the loop was broken and redirected on partially random paths until it found its way back to closing by fixing the typo (lets pretend I didn't typo on purpose this time).

The doppler effect is when that loop turns at an angle so part of your vision sees it bigger or smaller, depending on what paths the thought loops take to those visual neurons. This happens all the time when you're walking past things. They appear bigger as you approach, but you're not confused. Its the same object you saw a few seconds ago.

How does your brain match the patterns so easily?

The neural doppler effect. Its the same carrier wave from the same part of your brain which is nowhere near your vision neurons, transmitting through an attention loop while the loop moves to match the objects you continuously walk past.

The neocortex may be shaped in layers so brainwaves align when echoing through it, the same reason your 2 eyes would branch into symmetric brain structures before being understood as 3d.

The neural doppler effect is important, but there is a bigger thing to understand about brains here... Brainwaves are carrier waves recursively. Its the only way parts of your brain separated without much neurons directly between them could communicate at all in so many combinations. Car on road. Now think about road on car, its pavement torn up and put on top of the car. The attention loops can easily reverse and move all around the brain.
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August 1st, 2013, 04:27 PM   #2
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Describe your brainwaves or thoughts while rotating mandelbr

Expecting a parking lot, you are surprised to find yourself inside the mandelbrot fractal and your car is parked inside every circle. Which direction do you walk toward it?

Describe your brainwaves or visual thoughts while rotating mandelbrot fractal...

I think I have a single brainwave for mandelbrot, except the small parts I fill in later when paying more attention to them, which overlaps itself. Each circle is usually a different size, so a single brainwave would have to be divided in frequency or some other property to make that fit, to connect smoothly to its branch points (if you call it branching at all).

I think how Human vision understands fractals is important to understanding how we imagine 2 of the same kind of object at once and many combinations, the most basic thing you need to represent thoughts in a simulation.

Why are you not surprised to see the many mandelbrots changing size together if you represent it as different objects?

I'm looking for a math definition of any wave which echos through your mind space (like the network of neurons or a hypersphere or any space you like) and hits your visual grid all at the same time, painting mandelbrot accurately where it comes in through the optical nerves from both eyes and into some neurons. Any wave, even if its nothing like brainwaves.

Also, I think we actually do live in a fractal, and the recursions are called black holes, where gravity flows on geodesics and therefore more and more through itself until it flows through nothing except itself and is self contained.
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