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June 6th, 2014, 04:47 PM   #1
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A little help with functions/angles/vectors please :)

so... sorry if I may mess up English a little, I'm learning on a different language, partially. here is the problem I can't do...

If, $\displaystyle x,y∈R^n $are nonezero vectors, than the angle between these two is, $\displaystyle ∠(x,y)=arccos⁡(〈x,y〉/|x||y| )$

linear function $\displaystyle f:R^n⟶R^n$ keeps angles, if it's... (I'm a little stuck here with translating, I guess,) "onesided function" and $\displaystyle ∠(f(x),f(y) )=∠(x,y),x≠0,y≠0$

so.... from this, I need to describe set of all linear function $\displaystyle f:R^n⟶R^n$ which keep angles.

HOPE I didn't mess up too much ^^; It's a little hard to look around/study from English textbooks when I have problems with translating. Please help
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