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July 23rd, 2011, 03:15 PM   #1
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Logaritm expression simplification

Hi im trying to make a better expression to this logaritm problem, but i couldnt understand what im doing wrong...Can someone help me solvingthis ?

The expression is to compute the Hue from a RGB color data:

Hue = tan-1( (log(R) - log (G)) / ( log (R) - log (G) +2*log(B) )

On the logaritm part i made a error that i cant solve..i achieve this:

( (log(R) - log (G)) / ( log (R) - log (G) +2*log(B) ) = log2(R/G)/log2(B*B*R/G) ?

whit this is wrong ? What is the proper solution for the logaritm part ?

The log part must be on a basis of 2, because im trying to make a better approach to a assembly function.

I achieved the result separating the quotients and dividends like this:

quotient = log(R)-log(G) = log(R/G) = log2(R/G)*log10(2)
dividend = (log(R)-log(G)+2*log(B)) = log(R/G)+log(B)+log(B) = log(B*B*R/G) = log2(B*B*R/G)*log10(2)

Resulting in: log2(R/G) / log2(B*B*R/G)

But this is wrong...why ?

Note: After solving the logaritm part..what is the best solution for the tan-1(Result expression) ?

Where tan-1 = tangent of a power of -1 = 1/tan = arctan ?
or it is: 1/tan(( (log(R) - log (G)) / ( log (R) - log (G) +2*log(B) )) ???

Source of formula is: ... 1&type=pdf

Best Regards,

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July 23rd, 2011, 03:41 PM   #2
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Re: Logaritm expression simplification

Originally Posted by b2kguga
Hue = tan-1( (log(R) - log (G)) / ( log (R) - log (G) +2*log(B) )

arctan, that is, tan^(-1), is the inverse tangent function and it is not equivalent to 1/tan(x).

See ... _functions for information on the arctan function and ... ng-arctan/

for information about coding it. (Read the entire topic).

See for information on handling logarithms.
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